Monday, September 5, 2022

Camping, Moving, and School Supplies!

Beth and I went back-to-school shopping the other day. She's 37 and has been out of school for a while but she LOVES office supplies! And the prices right now are hard to beat! Then we stopped at the grocery store. This was on Friday and the place was packed! I don't remember the lines being so long, it was crazy. I figured it was because of the start of the holiday weekend.

Sharaya and Ally moved out on Sunday. She had movers get the big items out of storage then came here. We helped her load up a few things in her car and as she pulled away, I started ugly crying! I was so emotional knowing I wouldn't see them every day anymore. It's been so good having them here. I'm gonna remember this year as such precious time with them.
Diana and Peter went camping this weekend. They sent a video of Poppy playing in a river, she was having a blast! And Peter is a phenomenal photographer. I might steal some of these for my greeting cards!

 We've had a pretty quiet weekend. We just helped Sharaya take a another load from the storage unit over to their new place. Chuck is making dinner and I'm, well, I'm writing to you! Hope you're doing well! 

In my next post I have a couple of miracles to tell you about!


Mandy said...

I’m with Beth…I love office supplies! 😍 Prayers for you as you miss the girls. I know that’s got to be tough. Can’t wait to hear about your miracles!

ellen b. said...

Ahh...that is tough to see loved ones drive away. Glad they are still within driving distance. Sounds like a full weekend. Blessings!

Terri D said...

Hard to see the young ones leave the nest, that's for sure. Looks like Beth had a great time shopping for supplies. Now I can't wait to hear about the miracles! Blessings!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...