Sunday, January 22, 2023

Rain, Snow, Otters

My Saturday mornings are usually spent sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, reading, drinking tea, and watching the world go by outside. As I sat there yesterday the snow began to fall! We certainly weren't expecting that! It only snowed a few minutes and nothing stuck but it sure was a fun surprise!

I got ready to go pick up some pictures from the shop. Do you still print pictures for photo albums? Every once in a while I'll sit and relive the vacations and the memories. As I was headed out the door I got a call from a custodian at work telling me the power had just gone out. I had him make sure no one was stuck in the elevator, then I stopped there on my way to the photo shop. As I pull up I see an accident right across the street that had knocked out a power pole. The power came back on not long after so I continued on my way.
The shop is right near the waterfront so I made sure to bring my hat, scarf and gloves and I told Chuck I'd probably go for a walk while I was down there. It was definitely high tide! I've only seen the water that high one other time. Usually you can walk on the sand but the water was about a foot up the wall!

I always thought this was high tide...

This is low tide!

Anyway, I went out to the pier and saw a few people pointing and taking pictures. Turns out there were a few otters out in the water, playing on the rocks. We stood around for a long time watching them, they were splashing and one even caught a fish! 

It's a little hard to see him but he's just left of center, on the bottom rock with a fish in his mouth. Then you can see two of them swimming in the water just below the rocks.

We watched them for so long, we didn't realize it was pouring rain! It was cold!! And rain is dripping off our coats and noses but we didn't care! We were laughing and watching these little guys playing in the water.

I decided to get a picture just to remember the moment. But you know me and selfies. First with the left hand...

'No. Don't want the piling in the background.'

'That's better but I want more of the water.'

Maybe if I turn my phone...
Nope. More pilings, and part of the ferry launch...

Maybe I'll switch hands... 

At that point with the phone lifted high above my head it almost slipped out of my hands, I fumbled with it and began to laugh!

Okay, that'll do. The day was actually really fun! Haven't done anything like that in a while!

How about you? Have you done something spontaneous lately?

Monday, January 16, 2023

Just... Life

Grocery shopping, laundry, Adelaide, karaoke... just our day-to-day stuff going on around here. Lots of changes coming but I'll write about those another time.

 Well, for some reason Blogger has changed my layout to Center Align. Spent the last 10 minutes trying to correct it. Oh well.
Chuck and I took a drive out to the Maltby Cafe, we've been hearing stories of their breakfasts and their cinnamon rolls. Both were so good! 

Under the little awning on the left front and down some stairs is where you enter.

 The place was packed so I didn't take pictures inside but we'll definitely go again.
The cinnamon roll had to weight a couple pounds, it was huge! I forgot to take a picture of ours so I got this pic off the internet...
We brought it home and it took the three of us a few days to finish it! 
I'll leave you with one more photo of Adelaide...

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Life After Christmas

 Beth and I did a little shopping recently. I had to return some things to Kohls (for work) so we wandered around there. They had a lot of Christmas stuff on clearance so we got a couple of shirts. She looked at overalls but decided not to buy any. She loves to wear the one pair she has but hasn't bought any more.
For years she did karaoke and art at All Aboard and then when covid hit in 2020 everything was closed. When they opened up they slowly began adding classes so she joined a dance class and a group for games. I think like board games and stuff. But they recently added karaoke back to the mix so she asked me if she could switch her days. She's now back to karaoke, art, and bowling during the week - her old schedule is back. I think she's very relieved!
Now that the holidays are over we're trying to make better choices at the grocery store. I bought a big veggie tray and we'll see how much we can eat before it all spoils. We're so bad when it comes to eating our vegetables.

I think I mentioned that Peter's family came out from New Jersey for Christmas and birthdays. Well, we took them down to the waterfront and out on the Edmond's pier. We have such a good time when we're with them!

 Both Diana and Peter have birthdays right after Christmas so we went over to their house for cake, pie, and gifts. Can you guess which is which - who the cake was for vs the pie? 😄

And then this precious baby. I will probably be showing pictures of Adelaide for a while.

 This is her Christmas picture. Look at that face!
Being a grand parent IS. THE. BEST!!