Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Long Days, Scans, and Shopping For Fun

 Lot's of little things going on around here.

Beth and I went shopping a couple weeks ago and she bought quite a few things. I had been to JC Penney earlier and saw a lot of clothes I knew she'd like. We're planning a trip this summer and I realized she doesn't have any shorts, plus she wanted to get a dress for Easter... she didn't find a dress but she did try on a bunch of things. She bought some shorts and t shirts, plus a yellow sweater that she hasn't worn yet. I think she's saving it for Easter.

The birds are making a nest in the wreath again. It's been fun listening to them chirp right outside the door.

We had a big conference at work last week. Lots of preparation, then three back-to-back 14-hour days. It took hundreds of us to make it happen and it was a huge success - pastors from all over the country were encouraged and pampered - and afterward I spent two full days in my recliner! This was my desk the week before the conference...

I put up a few Easter decorations... and so far this is all I've done! I got the wreath years ago at Michaels. It's one of those unfinished wreaths that you're supposed to fill with flowers or ribbon... But it looked so much like the Crown of Thorns, that's what I've been using it for. 

Chuck had his yearly scans last week, an MRI and CT scan to check for cancer. He's had panic attacks the last couple of MRI's so this time they gave him some anxiety meds to take at home. They worked! 

When he got in there he found it was a much bigger machine, with mirrors on the 'mask' that allowed him to see waterfalls and lakes, it was so much better for him! And, the report on My Chart was normal all around! 

I have a meeting with some of the people from the Chinese Fellowship on Sunday. Just to find out ways I can help with their event planning. Beth has a dentist appointment on Monday... just keeping busy. 

I pray you are healthy, and that spring is in full swing at your house!

Monday, March 11, 2024


 There is a school bus that stops in front of our house and when I saw the parents waiting with their kids this morning, a wave of nostalgia washed over me.

I was taken back to the 80's and 90's when my kids were in school. Beth was the only one who regularly rode a school bus and she started riding when she was only two. She rode the bus until she was 21, when she aged out of the school district. 

In high school Sharaya rode a transit bus. The students got free passes and thankfully it stopped just two blocks from our house. The trees were much smaller then and I could see the bus stop - and her - from our bathroom window. I still remember watching her each morning.

In elementary school Diana and her friends would walk backward down the street waving at me until they couldn't see me anymore. I can still hear them laughing as eventually I could only see their arms waving in the air.

With my dad

Today I occasionally pick up my GRANDdaughter from middle school! Time is just going way too fast.