Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What's Been Happening

So many things going on around here lately. I'll try to keep them short so I can get everything in. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Diana and Peter bought Adelaide a water table and she loves playing in it! That girl has such a happy heart.

Sharaya sent us this picture of some crepes that my granddaughter Allison (14) made! We all decided we want her to make them for us when we're all together this summer!

The Junkos are expanding their family this spring. Built a great nest in the wreath on our porch again and have 4 tiny eggs!

Beth had a party at the bowling alley today. They have them about once a month and last night she and I were up until 10:00 dipping these pretzels. The leaders keep asking everyone to bring 'healthy' desserts and this was the easiest thing I could think of that didn't need to be refrigerated and would travel well on a bus.

I've been talking to her about the kinds of foods she eats. I truly believe she's addicted to sugar. Every single week she buys a large bag of marshmallows, the family share size of m&ms, two big bags of red vines, pop tarts, chocolate... she gets angry when I ask her to put something back. She's gotten so heavy and I'm concerned not only about her health, but also her stamina when we go to Disneyland this summer. I talked with her last week and told her my concerns, then asked her if I could help her learn to eat healthier. She said yes. I asked her, "If we're at the grocery store and you put something in your cart that isn't healthy, will you get mad if I put it back?" "No." So... a couple days later we're at the store, I put a small veggie tray in the cart and she did too. She put in orange juice, fresh fruit... and no junk food! I told her it's not Friday (we have a 'junk food Friday' tradition that has gotten way out of hand) so none today. I checked out first and I happen to see her put a candy bar on the conveyor belt. I told her again we weren't buying junk food today and I put it back. She was NOT happy! Walked about 20 feet behind me out to the car; s-l-o-w-l-y got into the car and just sat there. I asked her if she was going to get buckled, she shook her head. I said, "Okay" and I took off my belt, turned off the engine and we sat there about 30 seconds before she s-l-o-w-l-y got buckled... something has to change. For years I've tried to let her make her own decisions in life of course, with guidance and advice, (I wouldn't dare tell my other daughters what they can and cannot eat) but it's getting to a point where I'm going to step in. I'm going to try my best to teach her how to eat healthy. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

One Happy Custodian

 And now it seems my background has disappeared! ๐Ÿ˜† I love technology!
Thank you for your suggestions on my last post. I shouldn't write this because you'll see just how bad I am at computers. It's crazy, I'm on a computer all day at work: Excel, Word, Publisher, I work on my budget, I do payroll, purchasing... but at home? I sometimes get nervous trying to do things I'm not familiar with.
I bought some things for Adelaide a couple weeks ago, got it all shipped off to their house and could feel the knot in my stomach. Then... day of arrival... they shipped the wrong thing! I ordered a blanket and stuffy. They sent espresso pods. So back to the computer to figure out the return process... ugh. Poor Diana and Peter had to take it to Kohls...
Anyway back to your suggestions. I'll need to figure out what Google photos is. And I've heard of a CD drive, a thumb drive but I honestly didn't know there was a Google drive. Or a Microsoft One drive?  
'I send it from my phone to the Cloud.' I'm embarrassed to eve ask this but how do you get to the cloud? Is it a website? A download? These are just things I've never looked into.
And Shutterfly. I've created a few books through them but I didn't know they would actually store your photos. (Or are your photos just stored there because you've created books?) I made a book once through It came out really nice but they've since gone out of business. Same thing with My Publisher. 
Thank you again for all your suggestions. I'll look into it and figure out what I want to do. Right now I'm just uploading the newest pictures onto the new computer and will go from there. Now to figure out where my background went! 
I took Beth to the dentist a couple weeks ago to get a temporary crown. She lost an implant a month or so ago and was finally able to get it fixed. She goes in Monday for the permanent crown. Anyway, when she got in the chair, the hygienist handed her the sunglasses. After she put them on she gave the Hang Ten sign! The hygienist and I laughed so hard! Beth just smiled! Wish I'd gotten a picture of it.
We recently got new badges at work. We're tightening up on security so everyone from pastors to baristas, custodians to admin, we all got our pictures taken and had new badges made. Beth doesn't like to take her work keys home so she leaves them in her 'mailbox' by my desk. When we come to work she comes to my desk and we sign in together, then she grabs her keys and gets to work. When my boss gave me her badge I put it with her keys and when we got to my desk I got my camera ready...

 She is one happy custodian!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

My Not so Brilliant Idea - I'm Open to Suggestions

It's been two weeks since I've written. There are so many things stopping me from just logging on and posting. 
I think I told you we got a new computer a couple months ago. I had the brilliant idea to just transfer everything from the old computer to the new - except for the photos. I have so many that I think that's part of what's slowing the thing down so much. I've tried putting them onto thumb drives but I have so many now, that I have to search each one to find the label with the photos I want. And a couple of them no longer work. I can view, but nothing else. It's just not convenient.
I keep the photos from the two most recent years on the computer, plus photos of each of the girls, grand kids, me and Chuck, photos that I print for greeting cards... I will admit there are a lot, but they're all the photos I want easy access to. Everything else is on thumb drives.
So I thought if we took everything off the old computer, and left only the photos, the computer would start working better.
But that didn't happen. And the main thing I do on the computer? Blog! So I'm still using the old one, so I can still use my photos.
And the old one is... still old. It's still incredibly slow, the 'w' key doesn't always work, and the computer crashes at random times.
PLUS! Google now requires authorization to log in! And it sends the text to CHUCK'S phone!
So, I hesitate to post anymore. I've got so many pictures to share with you but I need to make sure Chuck is home to do it. And I hate using our old computer. ๐Ÿ˜ž 
So I need to find a good solution. Should I just move ALL my photos over to this new computer? If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!