Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Long Distance Celebration and a Big Ooops

We celebrated Beth and Sharaya's birthday's before we left for Denver and I ended up buying Sharaya something she already had (a membership to an art museum.) Ooops! I should have known better! She loves art! And the art museum actually contacted me to tell me she already had a membership. So they refunded my money and now I'm looking for another gift for her.

We were in Denver on Beth's actual birthday. We got a text from Diana while we were at the hotel and she wanted to have some donuts delivered for her. Beth ended up eating a donut for breakfast every day we were there! She loved it!

She turned around to show me what she got!

Here she's saying, "Thank you Chickenbutt!"


We went to Red Robin for dinner but they didn't sing, no candle or anything but that was okay. We all wished her a Happy Birthday and she got her sundae!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays? 
Are you low-key or a big party person?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Took The Pressure Off

Diana sent me a text today reminding me how long it's been since I've posted. I know it's been a while. I keep thinking about it. But honestly I took the pressure to post off my plate and it was so nice! I thought about the blog - and all of you - a lot but realizing it was okay not to write was so freeing. Many of you are posting about your quarantined lives and how you've slowed way down... but that's not how it is here.

I've been at work 6 out of the last 7 days. We have so many events coming up.

We have to get the Mason out here to fix our chimney. The weather is already getting cold and wet! And the gutters too! I've got to get up there and clean the gutters.

I'm trying to plan a time to go to San Diego to help my sister sort through our dads things.

Chuck has another scan this week to see how the cancer is doing. Personally I don't see good progress... but, I guess I'll wait until we get the results on Thursday.

Denver! I forgot that we were in Denver. We didn't get as much 'work' done as I thought we would. First because the girls and Chuck did so much before we went. But also we found Rose just wanted to sit and talk. I think she really misses the companionship. She lived with her mom her whole life and now mom has been in a convalescent home for many years.

But! We were able to schedule an outdoor visit! At first mom didn't want to get out of bed (she's been bedridden for a year!) but the doctor's and nurses insisted. It was only 15 minutes but it was good to hear her voice and spend time with her. That's Rose in the wheelchair.


At Rose's we cleared out part of the back bedroom, finished up the living room, we bought lights and hung them in the laundry room, we put a clock in her bedroom, we gathered all the receipts we could from around the house and she spent days shredding them. We'd empty the shredder and she'd start again. But mostly we sat on the couch and talked about game shows, what she likes to eat, we went through old family photos and she and Chuck relived some of their childhood. One night we were headed back to the hotel and as I was going out the back door she was still talking... I think she really enjoyed the company.

There's a lot more to tell you but I'll close for now. It's good to be back and to read about what you've been up to! Take care! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


I'm not even sure where to begin. I feel bad that I'm not commenting on your blogs or even posting on mine. We leave tomorrow for Denver. We're going back to Chuck's sister's place to hopefully finish her house and all the work that Diana, Sharaya and Chuck did earlier this year. Not sure about the weather in Denver; we're basically spending every day cleaning except for two days that we're going out... so I'm really not sure how to pack. We've tried to cover all the bases!

I took Beth to DSW for new shoes. She tried on a few pair before finding some black sparkly ones.

 We took back the damaged refrigerator and brought home a better one. I say better because the second one had a scratch on the front and one broken shelf. But Home Depot gave us a discount so we were happy with that. We'll be able to order the new shelf on-line, and she just covered the scratch with a magnet. 😁 This fridge will be SO much better for her!

Tonight we're celebrating both Sharaya and Beth. Their birthdays are 2 years and 4 days apart so we usually let them choose a restaurant and then we come back here for cake and presents. 



I hope you're all doing well. We're into fall and headed toward all the holidays... I can't believe we're close to the end of this year! Who else is ready for it to be over?!