Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Beth's Turn

Now Beth has tested positive. Given the covid protocols we may not be able to say goodbye to Diana and Peter this weekend. I've thought about going to the hotel and at least waving to them in the parking lot, but we'll see. The plan is to visit for Christmas so we'll have that to look forward to.
So far her symptoms have been mild. She lives downstairs from us so we're rarely in contact with her. She has to come up to use the bathroom so we've closed the door that leads to the hallway with our bedroom and bathroom and she's using the other one. We haven't heard much coughing and can still sometimes hear her laughing at whatever she's watching on TV. 
The worst part is the congestion. That's been our main symptom. No fevers, no headaches... just severe congestion. After trying everything (antihistamines, steam, vicks, sleeping sitting up...) I took an allergy pill. Cleared it up within a day! I could breathe again, I could sleep in my bed and function during the day. So that's one of the first things I gave her. So far so good.
Chuck sent this picture this morning. He took it from the front of his bus while driving in downtown Seattle.

 We live about 20 minutes north and even though it's been snowing here all morning, nothing is sticking.

Won't be doing too much around here today. I sure am enjoying these slow quiet days though. Giving me a glimpse of retirement! 💖 I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Stay healthy!

Monday, February 20, 2023

The Biggest Change

 A month ago I posted about 'big changes coming'. One of them is my job. That transition is to begin in the next week or two.
The other... has been harder to write about. The tears are already starting as I type this.
Diana and Peter are moving back to Pennsylvania. Due to job changes, the 'Seattle Freeze' as it's so often called, (Seattle is the least welcoming city in the nation it seems. Many people who have moved here from places east say we're not as friendly, not as willing to help each other out...) the housing market is better back there, just lots of reasons that made them decide to move back.
They are going to pack all their stuff in a rental truck, then Peter and Poppy are going to drive back east. He'll drop the truck and Poppy off with his sister, then he and his parents will fly back out here and the 5 of them will spend a few weeks driving east, sightseeing as they go.
They'll be gone by the end of this month. 
We've tried to spend as much time as possible with them and wouldn't you know it, Chuck and I tested positive for covid this weekend. Our very first time getting it. Diana and Adelaide were supposed to stay here while we cleaned their place but that will have to change. 

It's just killing me. But what can you do.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

She Couldn't Believe It!

 When everyone was over last week to celebrate Chuck's birthday we played a game called Road Trip Trivia. It was actually just small cards with trivia questions; we went around the table reading them and whoever said the answer first got the card. Then whoever had the most cards at the end, would win.
Some of the questions we knew, some surprised us!
Even Adelaide got in on it.
"In which state is there a 26-foot tall concrete buffalo?"

"North Dakota."

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

"Hello? AARP Calling."

 Chuck turned 65 this week! When I see and say that number I think of my grandparents. They were so old! It's crazy how inside we still feel like we're in our 20's but the outside tells a much different story!
He was in the mood for steak so we ended up going to Santa Fe, a Mexican food place near us. The food was really good and the kids talked me into having a strawberry margarita. Now, I don't drink, haven't for 40+ years. We just don't care for the taste of it anymore. But this was good! I only drank about half, but I sure had a buzz by the time we got to the car!

 (Not my picture)

 Adelaide sure loves her daddy!

We came back to our house for cake, lemon meringue pie, and gifts. He got a new travel mug, a book, and we all went together to get him a Google Nest. He and Peter spent a little while setting it all up and connecting it to his phone. It'll take a couple weeks to learn how to use it but we're excited to have one!


 This is the card Beth made for him:

Even though he grew up in difficult circumstances, Chuck is so easy-going. Always happy. Very few things ruffle his feathers.
His dad died when he was three years old. They moved in with his dad's sister and her family, and his mom became very depressed. She developed agoraphobia and didn't leave the couch for ten years. In his teen years she came out of her depression and was able to get a job. Chuck left San Diego and headed off to Bible college. We met after he returned.

Through it all he kept his faith in the Lord and loved his mom with all his might. He has been faithful to me and our girls, has always worked hard. He's always had a job, very often two. He's our hero.

His 8th Grade picture
This is his yearbook photo from when he taught 5th grade back in the 80's.

Graduating from Northwest University

We love you Chuck! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Shopping For Fun

 Beth has been asking me to go shopping lately and we finally found some time to go.
I picked her up from bowling and we stopped at Silver Platters. She wanted to get a CD for Chuck for his birthday. She said he only has one CD in his car, the soundtrack to the Broadway play Come From Away. She never saw the play and doesn't really know any of the songs. So she bought him The Greatest Showman. It's one of her favorites! 

 We left there and met Diana and Adelaide for lunch at Red Robin. Another of Beth's favorites.

 Then it was off to Target. Beth bought some overalls there not too long ago and both of those metal clips that attach the straps have broken. She loves those overalls so she tried on some new ones but they just didn't fit well. The top was too big; the pants were long...
"I dunno" (with a drop at the end) is Beth speech for "Nope." 
Beth are you having the soup? "I dunno." 
Did you want to come with us? "I dunno."
After I took this picture she turned around and said, "I dunno."
We're going to look for some on-line.
When we left Target Diana and Adelaide headed home and Beth and I went to Staples. She was after markers and gel pens. Two things she didn't find at Target.
She headed straight for the back of the store. Knew exactly what she wanted and where they were!

 I cut her toenails this week and I noticed she needs new shoes. So, we'll be shoe shopping next!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Help, Heart, Heat

 Hi! It seems like I've been away from this computer for a long time. Things are busy and by the end of the day, I'm just too tired to write. But today is my day off - with no appointments or deadlines - so I'm taking time to post. It feels good to be 'talking' with all of you again.
A little over a month ago I met with our Executive team at work and told them I needed to step back from the Custodial Manager position. This position was added to my Admin duties (I accepted it) and I've been trying to do both for more than four years. Now that I understand the scope of the job I'm realizing it's not a good fit for me. I've never managed or supervised adults before and now I know I'm not really cut out for it. It has been the hardest thing I've ever done. 
The Executive team said yes to me remaining as Facilities Admin (been doing that position more than 10 years - on staff more than 20) so I'll keep working there. (I'm relieved! I had to prepare myself for the possibility of them going in a different direction. It was highly unlikely but still.) 
Yesterday I learned they hired a pastor to oversee the facility/custodians and he now needs to be ratified by the Board and approved by the Pastoral Staff. The job is his but this has to be done according to our bylaws. So, I'm hoping in the next month or two I will have more time at home, more time to take walks, read, make cards... I can literally feel the stress beginning to float away as the day gets closer!
While at work a few weeks ago I got a sharp pain in my chest, like someone was poking me with a sharp knife. My left arm was sore and I felt light headed. A couple of co-workers prayed for me and I began to feel better. (I love working in a church! 💖) 
The doctor did an EKG and found I have Right Bundle Branch Block. That's a blockage in the electrical current in my heart. I didn't know the heart had electrical currents! I don't think I've ever had an EKG before so they don't know how long it's been there. Possible causes are previous heart attack, heart disease... and since I have family history of heart disease, I go in next week for a full echocardiogram. 

I think I told you our furnace went out back in December. Our gas fireplace has been a God-send! We've gotten bids from three companies and finally today we decided on which one to use. There's a lot that goes into it, a lot more than I expected. But we'll sign the papers when Chuck gets home tonight (on-line of course) and hopefully soon we'll have a new furnace!
Beth and I spent a day shopping last week so I'll write about that next time. I hope you're all doing well. Sorry I haven't been writing or reading. I hope to get back to it soon! And now I'll leave you with a picture of Adelaide, a little over 6 weeks old ~