Friday, February 26, 2016

Meanwhile, Here In Seattle...

Chuck got home late Wednesday night. Their trip back to Pennsylvania was uneventful, thank goodness. The car ran well, they had great weather and they made good time. Diana spent a couple days in New York with a friend she worked with here in Seattle.

Today she left New York and headed to Philadelphia. I got a text this afternoon and she's arrived at her friends house, the one she'll be staying with until she finds a place of her own. It still seems like she's just on vacation. I'm sure the longer she's gone, the more it will sink in.

Meanwhile, here in Seattle I've got a new fashion accessory. On February 6 I stepped wrong coming off our front porch and rolled my foot. I iced it and wrapped it and it began to feel better. Then a week or so later, I got these sharp, stabbing pains on the top of my foot. I had xrays taken and one doctor says it's a chipped bone, another says it's a torn ligament. Either way, they both say I have to wear the boot.

I usually wear it during the day and take it off in the evening. It's a pain. So many straps and SO much velcro! But, my foot doesn't hurt when I wear it. I go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see if my foot is healing. 

Beth got a new bed. But she's afraid to sleep in it. One day years ago, she suddenly became afraid of heights. Just, one day she wasn't afraid and the next day she was. She even stopped sleeping in her bed because it was too high off the ground. For years her mattress and box springs have been on the floor in her room. Then a friend of mine was selling this bed:

(And selling it for very little money!) I showed a picture of it to Beth and she loved it! I had her lay down on mine and Chuck's bed and told her this one would be high like ours but she said she wanted it anyway. It's a queen size so Chuck and I rented a cargo van and drove about an hour north to go get it. The first night she slept sitting up in her office chair. The second night I went downstairs to find her asleep on the floor. :(

The next night I went down and stretched out on the bed with her. She said she wasn't afraid of the height so much, it was the fact that the bed moved when she moved. I hadn't even considered that. So I told her that's how beds work when they are on a frame. But it's very strong and showed her the wood slats that are under the box springs. I told her that when dad snores I sometimes shake the bed to wake him up! She liked that! 

She's slept in her bed every night since then but I don't think she's sleeping very well. We may just have to take down this gorgeous headboard and put her bed back on the floor. We'll see.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Ugly Cry

She's spent months cleaning out her room. I can't tell you how many loads we've taken to Goodwill. She's sold books and movies to Half Price Books and she gave stuff to Sharaya. Her and Chuck have planned their road trip, made hotel reservations and located all the truck stops along their route!

She's already got a job back there and a place to stay when she gets there. I think she's all set! Sharaya and Allie spent the night here last night. Allie slept in Diana's room and Sharaya and Diana slept (I think they slept!) in the living room so they could talk and watch movies all night. 

We all got up early this morning and Diana rearranged the rubbermaid bins. She was determined to get all of her stuff into just two bins! And she did pretty good! She took the two bins, one small bag (we call it her Mary Poppins bag cause it's about that same size) and one 'food bag' where she keeps snacks, drinks and stuff for the road trip.

Don't you like the title of that journal? Dreams & Schemes. :)

She left a couple boxes here, with stuff that she'll get next time she comes home. Or we'll mail it to her if she finds she needs it sooner.

It came time for them to leave so we all gathered around her and Chuck prayed for her before they headed out to the car for the last time.

After they left, Sharaya, Allie, Beth and I went back into the house. Allie was talking non-stop about something. I'm not sure what. Sharaya sat down on the couch. Beth and I went out to the kitchen, hugged each other and sobbed. Yep, we did the ugly cry! 

Sharaya was headed out to buy a table so she cleaned out her car, then her and Allie left.

Beth and I went into Diana's room and it was empty, except for the furniture. I turned around and saw something on her closet door.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Now I Can Write About The Big Stuff!

We traveled a lot when our girls were growing up. We spent 3 weeks traveling the Western U.S. visiting National Parks and famous landmarks.

A few years later we flew into New York, then rented a car and drove the Eastern Seaboard, from Massachusetts to Florida.

We love to travel, and Diana especially, caught the travel bug.

When she was a senior in high school, her and a few friends decided they were going to move to California (from here in Seattle) and get jobs working in the movie business as assistants on movie lots or maybe at Disneyland. Well, as many plans made in high school do, this one never happened. For whatever reason, they just never made the move.

But Diana still wanted to travel and see the world so she went to London. By herself. And LOVED it. The sights. The smells. The stores. "Mind the Gap". She loved it all. And she began to talk about living there one day. She visited again and again. But she knew once she moved there, her traveling days might be over.

So she went to Ireland.

And she rode Splash Mountain in Disneyland Paris.

And she went zip lining in Australia.

Well, now her dream of living somewhere besides Seattle is coming true. Not as fancy as Paris or beloved as London, but still quite an adventure. She's moving to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia to be exact.

This Saturday her and Chuck will climb into her car and begin their cross country road trip. At first she was going by herself and I immediately began to get nervous! But Chuck was able to get the time off from work (even though he's been there less than a year) and Diana said she would like the company so they're all set.

She already has a job waiting for her when she gets there and some friends have allowed her to stay with them while she looks for her own place. A lot of prayer has gone into this and we can see God's hand working out all the details.

As a family, we're trying to spend every moment with her. We've taken professional family photos, we've gone out to eat, last night her and Sharaya played cards here for a while. As I write this, they're wandering around Seattle, going to Pikes Market and just trying to get one last dose of this this great city before she leaves.

We know she never would have been happy staying here and we're so excited for this new chapter in her life. Chuck is just hoping and praying she doesn't become an Eagles fan. :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Sniffles

Allie spent the night last night. She's had a cold for a few days now and Sharaya and Diana wanted to go to a movie. (They saw How To Be Single. Said it was terrible.)

Last night we had some dinner and watched lots of TV. Peppa Pig to be exact. That girl loves her Peppa!  :)

I set up the couch with her sheets and blankets but when she came in she asked to sleep on the love seat instead. I thought it was a little small for her but she insisted it would work! So I put a lot of pillows on the floor beside it just in case she fell off in the middle of the night. (She didn't!)

I gave her some cold medicine right after dinner and at 8:00 she fell right to sleep. I heard her coughing around 6:30am and got up to give her more medicine. I was glad she fell back to sleep! She ended up sleeping more than 12 hours! The poor girl has such a stuffy nose and she's been coughing... The medicine is helping though.

I gave her a bubble bath today, washed her hair, then we snuggled on the couch and read a few books. I closed all the blinds and had her lay down on the love seat to rest, but she's been asleep now for almost 2 hours! One tired girl. It's no fun being sick!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Writing About Other Stuff Because I Can't Write About The Big Stuff

Saturday was Chuck's birthday. He wanted to go to Moonshine BBQ for lunch so we got there right as they opened. They have the best BBQ! Then we came back here and he opened his presents. He is the hardest person to buy for and he always seems to find out ahead of time, what he's getting! But it's still fun. He loves lemon meringue pie so we buy that instead of cake. :)

We had some family photos taken this weekend. They turned out really good and I can't wait to get them back!

I sprained my ankle as we were leaving to go take the pictures. I told Chuck, "Better my foot then my face!" :) It's still sore today but is definitely getting better.

Sharaya is enjoying her new job. Her and Allie hung out here on Saturday afternoon, she and Diana played cards and Allie and I read a bunch of books.

Diana bought a new car this weekend, it's a Kia Optima. It's smaller than her last car and gets better gas mileage!

Beth and Nick want to go on a date for Valentines Day but I don't think we're gonna be able to make everything happen. I hope we can get them together at least.

Nothing too crazy. Just basic, random stuff.

There is one amazing thing happening around here but I'm not allowed to say. Not yet anyway. :)

So this post will be short and sweet!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Before And After

Beth finally decided it was time to cut her hair. She kept telling me all throughout December that she wanted it cut and when I'd ask her, "Should we do it tonight?" she always answered no.

Until a few weeks ago when she shocked me by saying, "Yes."

So we went into the bathroom and I cut off about 10-12 inches. I thought about having it done at a salon so she could donate it but she still has alopecia and I didn't think they would accept it.

So she's back to having shorter hair and she loves it! Easier to wash, doesn't get tangled around her when she sleeps, and it's easier to brush.



We did it at night and the next day I spent some time really cleaning it up. It looks better than this now. She said Nick played with her hair for a minute after she cut it, but he didn't say if he liked it or not! :)