Friday, February 26, 2016

Meanwhile, Here In Seattle...

Chuck got home late Wednesday night. Their trip back to Pennsylvania was uneventful, thank goodness. The car ran well, they had great weather and they made good time. Diana spent a couple days in New York with a friend she worked with here in Seattle.

Today she left New York and headed to Philadelphia. I got a text this afternoon and she's arrived at her friends house, the one she'll be staying with until she finds a place of her own. It still seems like she's just on vacation. I'm sure the longer she's gone, the more it will sink in.

Meanwhile, here in Seattle I've got a new fashion accessory. On February 6 I stepped wrong coming off our front porch and rolled my foot. I iced it and wrapped it and it began to feel better. Then a week or so later, I got these sharp, stabbing pains on the top of my foot. I had xrays taken and one doctor says it's a chipped bone, another says it's a torn ligament. Either way, they both say I have to wear the boot.

I usually wear it during the day and take it off in the evening. It's a pain. So many straps and SO much velcro! But, my foot doesn't hurt when I wear it. I go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see if my foot is healing. 

Beth got a new bed. But she's afraid to sleep in it. One day years ago, she suddenly became afraid of heights. Just, one day she wasn't afraid and the next day she was. She even stopped sleeping in her bed because it was too high off the ground. For years her mattress and box springs have been on the floor in her room. Then a friend of mine was selling this bed:

(And selling it for very little money!) I showed a picture of it to Beth and she loved it! I had her lay down on mine and Chuck's bed and told her this one would be high like ours but she said she wanted it anyway. It's a queen size so Chuck and I rented a cargo van and drove about an hour north to go get it. The first night she slept sitting up in her office chair. The second night I went downstairs to find her asleep on the floor. :(

The next night I went down and stretched out on the bed with her. She said she wasn't afraid of the height so much, it was the fact that the bed moved when she moved. I hadn't even considered that. So I told her that's how beds work when they are on a frame. But it's very strong and showed her the wood slats that are under the box springs. I told her that when dad snores I sometimes shake the bed to wake him up! She liked that! 

She's slept in her bed every night since then but I don't think she's sleeping very well. We may just have to take down this gorgeous headboard and put her bed back on the floor. We'll see.

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Caz said...

I hope things are working out for Diana. I hope she's having fun. Will you visit? Is Philadelphia somewhere you know?
I'm trying to think of encouraging words for Beth and her lovely new bed. Maybe it will just take time? Well done her for keeping on trying for a few nights at least, and well done you for supporting her to tell you what's bothering her about it.
And your poor foot. At least it's not too hot for boot wearing (or maybe it is). Hope it's on its way to being better.