Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!, One Thing They Do Agree On, and Birthday Fun

Beth and I went to see a production of Annie, put on by the home school academy at our church. It was grade school through high school students, and it was really good! One night they served dessert and the second night was dinner. We went to the dessert night.


We learned the girl who was supposed to play Annie got sick two days before the show so C, (in red) a fourth grader knew all the lines, choreography, and music... but was too scared to sing. So they had a high schooler sing off stage (with a mic) and C lip-synced the entire show! And I didn't find this out until after the show! We couldn't tell! She was that good! I heard the original Annie was there for the second night, so she got her moment too! 

Poppy, Moxie and Maya are learning to love tolerate each other. Moxie even got brave enough to come out and sort of face Poppy. Poppy is so excited to have 'someone' to play with but the cats don't like her kind of play. 😊

So far so good

"Come On! Let's PLAY!!"


 But there is one thing they agree on ~


My birthday was on the 17th and when I went into work there was a Happy Birthday banner, some flowers, candy... the office is closed on Fridays so I have no idea who did it! I sent a text to who I think did it but she never responded. It was so fun to see this when I came around the corner!

The girls celebrated my birthday and Father's Day together and they got us tickets to a Seahawks game in October! Chuck and I have only been to one other game and we're excited to go again. We might need to buy some new football gear!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Moving Sky, Wild and Beautiful, and Should We Say We Both Won?

Ally and I played UNO the other day. We gave each other no mercy and it took us over an hour to finish the round! I won because I discarded the final card. But she says she won because the card I discarded was one that read, "Switch Hands" so she handed me her cards, but I gave them back because the game was over, but she insisted... I still say I won. 😄


We've had record rainfall this Spring but things are starting to shift. We've had dryer days and the weather is warming up. About a week ago I was sitting out in the backyard and the clouds took on this interesting formation. It looks like they're being blown to the left but when I looked at it, the entire formation was moving to the right. It was so nice out so I just watched it for a while.


These flowers have appeared in my yard. Last year I only had the pink ones and this year some white ones have popped up too. I just love them! They're in a small garden area that is becoming full of wild flowers, they've just multiplied over the years. I love it when the birds and the wind help me with the gardening. I think there's a total of 6 of these plants now. Anyone know what they're called?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We went to Diana and Peter's for Easter. The food was so good! Peter's sister was visiting from New Jersey and she recorded them telling us Diana's pregnant!!! They hadn't told everyone in Peter's family so we couldn't tell anyone. But they went to New Jersey for Father's Day and I'm free to tell you the news!!


They really had it all planned out: After dinner we settled in for a game of Chronology, have you played it? I think I posted about it once before.


If these were my cards, the player on my right would read a card to me and I'd have to guess if it happened between 1949 or 1983, or before 1793... there were 6 of us and we had gone around the table a few times when Diana picks up a card and 'reads' "CWA originally from California becomes a grandfather again." Chuck picked up on it right away but I'm so focused on the initials CWA, that's not how the cards are written. I even asked, "They only give the initials?" I obviously didn't hear the rest of the clue! When Diana finally says, "We're due in December" that's when I lost it!!!

We all went out for lunch recently and they showed us a bunch of ultrasound pictures. As I'm looking through them I see printed in small red letters, IT'S A GIRL

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We are so excited!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Quick Hello

Every week I tell myself I'm going to post more. I'm going to do better. Then another week goes by.

I took a couple days off work this week so we could paint our bedroom and get some other projects done around the house. It's not going as planned.

Work is still very busy. I just got a call from one of our pastors (Tuesday 9:30pm) about an outside door propped open. On the first floor, no windows, front of building, next to a very busy street... I called the custodian and he closed it. I've contacted our security manager and facility manager.

We celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday as Diana and Peter are spending the actual day in New Jersey with his family. We went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then to their house for pie and games. Have you ever played Phase 10? (Did I ask you this before?) Anyway, years ago my family played Frustration Rummy. It's very similar but I think Phase 10 is more frustrating! I lose every time.

I'm going to get ready for bed. It's not quite 10:00 and I can hardly keep my eyes open. We got part of the bedroom painted today, cleaned everything up so we can sleep tonight, and we'll hopefully finish up tomorrow.

I hope you're all doing well.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Crumbl, Sneak Attack, and Worldwide

Have you ever had Crumbl Cookies? Oh my these things are so good! The girls bought some a few months ago and now they check the menu weekly. We usually get some about once a month. These things are so soft and the selection is so unique... seemingly infinite... and the options change every week. They have the usual's like chocolate chip, peanut butter, but they also have -

Cotton Candy
Carmel Apple
Biscoff Lava
Raspberry Cheesecake
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Berries and Cream...

And they're huge! We'll sometimes buy these on family game night and then cut them into fourths so we all get to taste a few of them. We've probably been eating these way more than we should!
Ally was playing volleyball with the Boys and Girls Club this spring and the season ended last night. It was so good to watch the girls and see just how much they improved since their very first game. She told me she'd like to be on the team in middle school, which she will be in this fall! Middle School! Hard to believe. Now I have to take a little trip down Memory Lane...

This was her graduation picture from preschool.

 Okay, back to volleyball. :)

She got an award for the best Sneak Attack. She's quiet but she hits the ball hard! And she's getting really good at serving! Sharaya's a coach, and Ally's waiting for the next rotation so she can play.

We celebrated Pentecost Sunday this weekend. There were close to 60 nations represented in the parade of flags, each person who carried a flag was born in that country. Then a gathering of every person who attends our church who was born in a different country.

These are from first and second service.

Our pastor tells them we'll never truly understand the obstacles they faced to get to America, and after they arrived, but they are loved and welcomed. It's an emotional day for everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

It's Been a Real Jungle Out There

I posted a while back that the Junco's had built a nest in our wreath again. A few days after my post I saw the nest had been torn apart... and the eggs were gone! I think some animal got to it but I don't know how. The wreath hangs on the side of our house about 5 feet off the ground. I could see Mr. and Mrs. Junco hanging around in our garden but there was no sign of the eggs or baby birds. This is the first time that's happened.

We've lived here for more than 20 years and about 5 years ago I noticed a wild bunny in our yard. Since then they really have multiplied and one has built a nest under an azalea bush in our backyard. Diana was over the other day and noticed Poppy had been awfully quiet for a while. When she went out to the backyard she saw Poppy had found the nest! She had dug into it and there was a tiny baby bunny in the dirt. It didn't make it. 😔 We tried to block the nest but she got into it again and we lost another one. We really barricaded it that time and Poppy hasn't been able to get to it. We were going out a couple days later and I saw a crow on the back fence with something in it's mouth. Noooo! I couldn't believe it! Another one! And when I looked toward the nest... there's mom (or dad) watching it happen. Ugh! Broke my heart! I know this is how nature works but to see it right before your eyes? Yikes.


I got to work in the yard a little last week. To be honest I don't particularly enjoy yard work, but I certainly love the results!