Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Quick Hello

Every week I tell myself I'm going to post more. I'm going to do better. Then another week goes by.

I took a couple days off work this week so we could paint our bedroom and get some other projects done around the house. It's not going as planned.

Work is still very busy. I just got a call from one of our pastors (Tuesday 9:30pm) about an outside door propped open. On the first floor, no windows, front of building, next to a very busy street... I called the custodian and he closed it. I've contacted our security manager and facility manager.

We celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday as Diana and Peter are spending the actual day in New Jersey with his family. We went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, then to their house for pie and games. Have you ever played Phase 10? (Did I ask you this before?) Anyway, years ago my family played Frustration Rummy. It's very similar but I think Phase 10 is more frustrating! I lose every time.

I'm going to get ready for bed. It's not quite 10:00 and I can hardly keep my eyes open. We got part of the bedroom painted today, cleaned everything up so we can sleep tonight, and we'll hopefully finish up tomorrow.

I hope you're all doing well.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I hope you took some before and after pictures of your bedroom to share with us when it is done! Any special color that you are painting it? That's a big project! I can imagine you are tired. Oh, don't you just hate it when you take time off from work and someone calls from work to tell you something that someone there should have been able to take care of? But I do understand how that goes...been there/done that. I do hope no real harm was done. I know we have to be so cautious these days. Anyway, I hope you are able to complete your projects and get some rest as well before you have to return to work. Take care!!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~ I'm the same way with blogging. I love to blog, but sometimes, it seems like I just have blog fog! Painting can make a room feel so new and fresh! That's a shame that someone propped the door opened. We have had that happen at our church as well. It's usually kids who want to go in and play basketball, but you can't bee to careful. We live in the country and for some reason that makes it less scary. Have a great week, Cindy! Hugs, Barb

Billie Jo said...

Hi! My sister loves Phase 10!!! She is so good at it too! I am anxious to see your new paint job! That is exciting and hard work. Have a cozy day, my friend.

Rebecca Jo said...

That's me too - I always plan on blogging more & then I do less... which I didnt think was possible - LOL

Terri D said...

Time does have a way of getting away from us! One day at a time works fine. Just do what you can do, when you can do it. Always good to catch up with you here!! xo

ellen b. said...

Your early celebration for Father's day sounded nice. Glad you could take a couple days off!

Doris said...

I constantly tell myself that I will do better at blogging....someday I may even accomplish it! =) I have painting projects too but my husband is the painter so I need to be patient. I'd like to add more to the list but maybe that will have to wait.
It's been 12 years since I went to a job. Now there are lots of days I'm not sure how I had time to work...life continues to keep me busy!
Have a wonderful Monday!