Sunday, November 29, 2009

Soon to be... Auntie Elizabeth!

Beth's sister Sharaya and her husband Ryan, are due to have their baby any day now! They are having a girl, Allison Lucy. We are so anxious to meet her and to see who she looks like! The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving is over and now we are just waiting for baby Allison. She is actually 11 days late... and counting! Sharaya will see her doctor tomorrow and there is a good possibility they will induce her then.
Allison is our first grandchild and we can hardly breathe!! The thought of holding our daughter's baby, is just beyond words. My mom passed away a few years ago and I so wish I could talk to her about all this! Did she feel this much excitement when I was pregnant? Did she create a space at home to care for the kids when they came over? Did she want to yell it from the rooftops, "I'm gonna be a Grandma!!" Or in my case, Nana!
I was recently asked, "Aren't you Sharaya's mom?" For a split second, Sharaya was back in 3rd grade and I was standing on the elementry school playground. And now, forever more, people will be asking her, "Aren't you Allison's mom?" It causes me to look at my daughter with new eyes. To see her not as my little girl, but as 'Allison's mom'.
And Beth wants to be called Auntie Elizabeth. I know she is up to the task and will shine with pride as Allison's Aunt.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

At the dentist

Raise your hand if you like to go to the dentist. Yea, my hand isn't raised either. :)
Most of us don't like to go to the dentist, but they do help us keep our teeth clean and healthy. Beth went to the dentist this week. She had to have two fillings. I've actually fainted at the dentist, but Beth does so well.

She gets nervous when they lay the chair back and raise it up, but she doesn't cry or anything! She holds onto the arm rests and sometimes she shakes a little. But she is amazing! When the dentist is finished, she sits up and says she's ready to go! I wish I was as brave as her!

She's my hero!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Game Night!

Monday nights after dinner, we have game night! We clear off the kitchen table, fix some hot tea and pull out the games. Some of our favorites are Sorry and Uno!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brother Tom

We have learned that Brother Tom, the pastor that dedicated Beth to the Lord, has recently passed away. Twenty five years later, Beth is still walking with God. Tom and Kathy Nutt were amazing leaders, soft spoken, yet fierce for God. Brother Tom will be missed.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vacation Pictures

We arrived home last week and have enjoyed looking at our pictures! Now we want to share them with you!

Beth and Diana had a great time at Disneyland. One of their favorite rides was Splash Mountain. You sit in a boat that looks like a log and as you go over the waterfall, you get your picture taken! They decided not to buy it because they both were screaming, they ducked down and couldn't be seen in the photo! Beth got to talk to C3PO when they went on Star Tours! She told him that she'd seen him on TV! She was so exhausted by the end of the day, she fell asleep in the car on the way back to San Diego. Awe! Isn't she cute?!

The day we left San Diego, we drove up to Fresno, then went to Yosemite the following day. We'd never been there and were overwhelmed at Gods creation! The waterfalls and rock formations were just breathtaking. We had lunch at Yosemite Village and bought a few gifts for Ryan and Sharaya before heading to our hotel for the night. It was an amazing vacation but we were all glad to get back home and sleep in our own beds!
I found that if I kept Beth informed of every plan, she was willing to join in. I hadn't done that in the past, and it really made a difference in her attitude. When we told her that we'd be going to Aunt Debbies house, then out to dinner with Grandpa, she was more content and joined in the conversations. We told her this was only for a few days and that she'd be home, in her own bedroom on Friday. She was more willing to try new things and venture to new places. I wish I had realized this years ago.

We took a 3 1/2 week vacation to the East Coast back in 2004 and she had such a terrible attitude! We'd be walking the streets of New York and she would just fold her arms and sit down on the side walk! She wouldn't talk to us or tell us what was wrong! We were so frustrated! Then further into the trip she began talking about 'our old, brown house'. It took us a few days to realize she thought this was our life now. The 'old brown house' was our home here in Washington and she thought we were never coming back. I try to imagine her confusion and sadness as she tried to come to terms with the idea she had given up all of her toys and books and her bed and dresser... brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! From that day on, we began to explain each days activities and count down to when we'd be going home.
We had never taught her the definition of vacation and just expected her to join us, happily and without complaining. What a shock it was to see 'vacation' through her eyes!