Monday, July 31, 2023

Swollen Feet, New Shoes, Doctor's Appointment

We took Beth shoe shopping the other day. We've noticed her feet and ankles are swollen so we found some compression socks at DSW for $10! Chuck wears them too and his were a lot more than that! We only bought one pair. At that low price we weren't sure how good they would be. While we were there we decided to get her some new shoes. 
For many years she would say she liked the shoes while we were in the store but she'd never wear them. She'd eventually tell us they hurt her feet. Sigh.
So I learned to have her walk all over the store before buying. Thankfully she's at an age now where she does tell me if they are comfortable or not. 

She loves the compression socks and wears them every day. I'm also seeing a difference in her feet and calves so I know they're working. Now we need to go get more. She has a doctor's appointment this evening and hopefully we'll find out why her legs are swelling.

Sorry this is short. we just got back from Iowa and I'm jet lagged! I'll write more later.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Shuttle, Friendship, Cotton Candy

 Do you ever get to a place where there's so much going on, your brain kind of stops receiving information? You can't think ahead? Have a hard time processing everything that's happened? That's where I am today.
For no I'll just share ith you about VBA - Vacation Bible Adventure. (Oh, and the double u key on our computer has a mind of it's own. I've spent more time trying to get it to work...)
More than a week of 10-12 hour days
Skipping lunch
Feet hurting
Sore muscles - barely able to move by the end of each day
But so worth it! The theme was Shining Jesus' Light. When someone is sad; when someone is angry; when there's a misunderstanding... show patience and kindness. Shine Jesus' Light! He is the Light of the world, so everything was space themed. And our kids team did a phenomenal job on the decor!

Lot's of great testimonies ~
A large group of kids coming every day, who live in a place that supports single moms fleeing DV situations
A four year old telling her mom she wants Jesus in her heart
A Chinese immigrant stopping me in the foyer to tell me how grateful she is for our church
A group of 4th grade boys coming out to the foyer to encourage another 4th grader who was scared to go in. He decided to go in with them! And joined in every single day!
And we held a large family party Friday afternoon so the parents, grandparents and siblings could see and hear about the week.
 Testing the dry ice ahead of time


The entrance into the Sanctuary and decor around the building

 The family party had hotdogs, chips, popcorn, cotton candy, inflatables...

Then, when it was all over...
 Taking down the moon that hung from the catwalk. 

It was a great week.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Under The Sea

 When we were back in New Jersey Diana and Beth went to see The Little Mermaid. As soon as they got back Beth said she wanted us to see it when we got home. So Monday night, we did.
Beth is afraid of heights and I get motion sickness. When Chuck and I go we sit against the back wall. When Beth goes, whoever she goes with is willing to sit in the first two rows. 
So we compromised and tried to sit halfway between the front and the back. We both struggled.
I thought it started earlier than it actually did but it worked out for me because the Dramamine had time to start working. But I still felt dizzy throughout the movie. At one point I had my eyes closed and my ears plugged! 
At one point near the start of the movie I noticed Beth was gripping the empty cup holder between us and she would look to her right. She'd glance at the screen but then look over to her right. I whispered and asked if she was scared, "A liddle bit."
So I put my arm over hers, (the one gripping the cup holder) and put my hand on her leg, with my fingers spread out to cover more area. I asked the Lord to have her move my arm or her own arm when she finally felt safe, so that I would know she was okay. We sat like that for about a half hour and then she pulled her arm out from under mine... and she was fine for the rest of the movie. Looking at the screen, laughing, singing along. Thank you Lord!
And... I loved the movie! And she did too of course. I was fascinated by the technology, the way they made it look like the hair was floating in the water, all the different sea creatures, the colors... And the way the different people groups learned to live together. There's one line that King Triton says to Ariel, "I'm sorry you had to lose your voice to be heard." Wah!!! 😭 It really is a beautiful movie: visually and culturally.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Chocolate and Strawberries and Gels

Thank you Latane and Pamela for the suggestions about the birds nest. I took a broom and cleaned up everything the mom and dad had pulled onto the porch but a couple days later, they had pulled even more out from behind the wreath! Those nests are pretty complex structures.  
Beth and I went out for yogurt the other day. You get your own yogurt from their 6 or so flavors, (they change weekly) and add your own toppings, then pay by the weight. We both got chocolate yogurt with fresh strawberries on top! (I also added a few mini chocolate chips and she got mini marshmallows!) It was so good!
Then we needed to go to the drug store for a few random things: nail files, lined paper... and as we were walking through the stationary department she audibly gasped! They had the gel pens she'd been looking for for months. She took it off the shelf... and hugged it. 😊 Then she looked at me, "I don't know if I get two." When I told her she had enough money in her account, she grabbed it off the shelf so fast! One happy girl!

 As we were driving home she let out a big sigh, "I love shopping."

Friday, July 7, 2023

Jello, Storm Troupers, Gratitude

We had a quiet Fourth. Chuck, Beth and I went to the parade, then came back here for ribs and caesar salad. I love to people watch so waiting for the parade to start is so relaxing to me!

The color guard, the veterans in their uniforms, and the group that carries signs of those who were lost in the last year, I get emotional every time. I'm so grateful to have been born in this country.

 Beth's favorite part is the Star wars characters. She was telling the strangers seated next to us about her hat. As she points to it she's telling them, "I wore my hat!" They were silent for a few seconds and then, "Oh yeah! That's really nice!" Then she points to the characters. She even yelled at them, "I wore my hat! My hat!!" She absolutely loves them!

  After lunch we had our traditional Fourth dessert - jello and whipped cream. we've made this since our girls were little. Our town didn't do fireworks this year so we watched them on TV. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!