Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Grandkids, Dual Appointments, and Hair Stylist?

I must tell you our computer has been acting up lately. It's so slow, the page you're working on will suddenly go black, and the 'w' doesn't always work. So if you see a word that doesn't look right, see if adding a 'w' somewhere will help. 😊
Ally and I went out for lunch last week. I picked her up from school, we got some lunch and went to Target. It was so good to hang out with her again. I'm always thankful when she's willing to hang out with this old Nana.
Their cat recently got into trouble so her punishment was... love. Moxie hates to be held!

 Then Ally decided to 'style' Sharaya's hair. Hmm, not sure it'll become a popular look...

Diana's been sending pictures of Adelaide. It's amazing how fast she's growing and how much she's learned in just a couple months. Can't wait 'til our visit in June!

Beth and I had dentist appointments on Monday, one right after the other. We both needed fillings too. So she sat in the little wooden chair while I got my tooth worked on, then we switched. Thankfully we were only there about an hour. People are always laughing and relaxed. When I was in my early 20's I realized, "I'm an adult. I don't have to go to the dentist!" So I didn't for many years. Then I thought, 'I'm an adult. I really should go to the dentist.' Took me a while to find this guy and he's the best. We love our dentist!

 Beth also had a doctor appointment last week. Just a routine visit so the doctor could see her and get some lab work done before giving more refills on her meds. Her A1C is improved; thyroid is low... we'll be adjusting some of her meds for a while and check back in a few months. But basically, everything looks good.

That's all from here. It's late and I need to get to bed. The older I get I seem to have increased energy in the morning but by 6:00 in the evening I am wiped out! Hope you're doing well. Have a great day! 

Friday, April 21, 2023

A Trip to the Antique Store Reveals...

 ...a little about me.
There's a store called the Antique Pavilion about a mile from our house. The place is huge, not quite as big as WalMart but it might be close. I went there this last weekend, walked up the long staircase to the store and took a deep breath. I couldn't help but smile.
It's filled with treasures from long ago. It takes me back to my childhood as I walk past stall after stall of items that remind me of my grandma, my parents or my older sisters. It fills my mind with memories of childhood: of playing hopscotch and jump rope; riding my bike with the banana seat and tall handlebars; I grew up in San Diego and I still remember the sidewalk being warm from the sun as me and my friends would sit criss-cross-applesause for a long game of jacks.

This store is my escape. I can spend hours here...

 I found some children's tap shoes! A little bigger than the ones I wore, I took tap when I was six or seven. I still remember the 'tap-tap-shuffle-ball-change' routine. I don't know if that's what it's called today, but I can still do it!

 I left the world of tap at the ripe old age of eight and joined a baton corp. I was in that for about 3 years and I still have my baton. This is us waiting for our turn to join the parade.
That's me on the right, carrying the banner. Every girl got a turn to carry it in at least one parade if she wanted to.

That's me in the back. My two best friends Cheri and Robin on the left, and my cousin Sandy on the right. I still keep in touch with these guys.

Meanwhile, back at the antique store... they have true antiques, retro items and not-quite-antique antiques.

What do you think, are these antiques? My kids played with My Little Ponies! I played with Little Kiddles. You pop the top off and the front separates from the back. The tiny doll smelled like perfume. I still have my original Little Kiddle and you know what? You can still smell the perfume!

 There's a corner in our house that has been dubbed as Ally's Area for many years. We put her pack 'n play there when she was first born. I would babysit her on Saturdays when Sharaya would work and Ally's Area would fill with books and sidewalk chalk and bubbles, coloring books and dolls. Then the pack and play was replaced with a toy box and doll house. Then a white, round furry chair took their place. Now at 13, only the books are there. 
So I pulled out all of my antiques and redid the area. My mom's typewriter, my dad's reel-to-reel projector, my grandpa's camera, pics of Chuck's and my mom. A dog piggy bank that the dealership gave me when my dad bought a Ford car in 1966. And an old chair that wraps around you like a hug. It's become one of my favorite spots in the house.

 Do you have anything from your childhood? An item that holds precious memories?

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Tuesday Texts

 At first I thought this was kind of rude but then I read a little more...

So after work we went to Bartell Drug store and shopped for fun!  😅

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Double Prizes, Right on Schedule, and Future Vacation

 Beth bought some clothes on-line a few weeks ago. I sat with her at the computer as she picked out overalls and dresses and pants... she clicked on Submit and we waited for all those fun packages to arrive!
Chuck was doing the bills and noticed she was charged twice. There were two identical orders. I don't know how that happened but she was thrilled to get four pairs of overalls, and two pink dresses... Her original overalls broke in the dryer. The metal clasp that hooks the bib to the strap broke. One clasp broke the first time she dried them and the second one broke the second time she put them in the dryer. So this time she washed them and then hung them in the laundry room to dry. Smart girl.

 I had an eye appointment this week. It's been close to 10 years since I got my last pair of glasses. Beth and I went a few years ago but our prescriptions hadn't changed at all so we decided to wait to get new glasses. But mine are so scratched I'm just ready for a new pair.
My prescription still hasn't changed much. With my glasses on I see 20/20 out of my left eye and 20/25 out of my right. He also told me I have a cataract, but it's small. He said it's right on schedule - they start growing in your 60's and by your early 70's you usually have surgery to remove them. I'm glad it's 'normal' but I prefer not having it all! 😊 
I don't think I've told you yet that Chuck and I are going to Israel! We're going on a tour with a large group from our church. I'm so excited! My old suitcase broke a while back so I need to buy a new one, our passports are up-to-date, we've started gathering things we'll need like water socks, electric socket adapters... It's still a month away but I can hardly stand it!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Tuesday Texts - Surprising

Beth and I have done our grocery shopping together for so long I was a little surprised last week when I got this text:

Beth is absolutely capable of grocery shopping by herself. Getting a cart, picking all of her groceries, using her debit card at the register. She doesn't need my help with any of it. 
She is capable, but vulnerable. 

I ended up parking at the grocery store and while she went inside, I walked next door to TJMaxx and picked up some things for work. I went into Safeway to see if I could find her and she was already at the cashier. She turned in my direction - yikes! I ran back out to the car so she wouldn't see me and just as she said, she stopped just inside the door and texted me:

i am done ready

I told her I was in the car and she came right out.

I sat in the car while she put her groceries in the trunk. She put the cart in the cart return, got in the car... and we headed home!

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Unconventional, Squishy, and First Time in Years

At our Good Friday service I helped downstairs with our children's ministry. They put on something like a Stations of the Cross event that draws hundreds of kids! There were a couple of kids that found all the noise and excitement of the evening just too overwhelming so we hung out in our Special Connections room. I read the Easter story and we played with glow sticks.

On Saturday Beth and I colored eggs. Haven't done that in years! I kind of fumbled around with the whole process, couldn't remember how to dry the eggs without wiping off the coloring, and I think our food coloring is old because it wasn't sticking to the eggs... it was quite the spectacle! But we had fun!

On Sunday after church we waited until about 3:00 and then went out to The Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch. Not your typical Easter cuisine but we all like Italian and we figured they wouldn't be too busy at that time. And we were right. It was just a five minute wait.
After lunch we came back to the house for Easter baskets and Mexican Train. Although I don't really do baskets anymore. I just use small tupperware dishes. I remember my grandma used to make our baskets out of strawberry baskets. Remember when strawberries came in those little, square green baskets?

And we did a video chat with Diana, Peter and Adelaide. We all miss them SO much!

 And... we got a picture of Adelaide in one of her Easter weekend outfits. I've put it as the wallpaper on my phone and every time I pick it up to text or call I say - through clenched teeth, 'She'sh so cute and shqwishy!!!' And then I forget what I was doing. 😊 Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Resurrection Sunday.
Jesus died for our sins to reconcile us to God.
And rose again so we can have eternal life with God.
Thanking the Lord today for His amazing sacrifice.
Praying for a blessed Easter weekend for you and your family.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Tuesday Texts

Beth works as a custodian at our church. Thursdays and Fridays she cleans our preschool, emptying all the trash and vacuuming the classrooms. There are nine rooms, two trash cans in each room, plus cans in the hallways. It's a big job and usually takes her 3-4 hours.
I have a fairly new custodian who was filling in for someone on a Thursday and I didn't even think to tell him that Beth was cleaning the preschool. While sitting at my desk I got this text:
She rarely stays mad/sad for long and was back to work in no time. And now Patrick knows that Beth cleans the preschool on Thursdays and Fridays. 😊

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Adjusting, Waterfront, and Overdid It

I'm a planner by nature and I like to take baby steps. But I'm learning to go with the flow.
I recently read something about how we look at each new day as a blank page where we can write anything. The day is ours to make it anything we want! But Psalm 139 says, 'All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.'
The page isn't blank. The Lord has already planned my day, written it all out. And because of that new perspective, I'm learning to seek Him about what to do, and I'm accepting things even if they don't go my way. After all, His ways are higher than my ways!
I had expected to have a week to pack up and move my desk but Monday morning the person I was switching desks with came to me and told me her desk was empty anytime I was ready.
 Ahhh! What?! I had done some sorting and packing but not much. But, I got to work and by the end of the day, we were both moved in to our new desks. No stress, no panic, no loop of thoughts going over and over... it was unexpected, but it went so well!
And I. Love. It. It's so quiet and I love my co-workers.
Chuck and I walked along the pier last weekend. The weather has been beautiful! While looking at the water, a friend popped up to say hello! Other people were saying it's part of the same family that's been around for a few months. I may have seen him when I was there back in January.


 Do you do this too? When Spring arrives you go out to work in the yard for the first time and there's so much you want (need!) to get done that you wake up the next day feeling so sore? I planted flowers in 5 pots, pulled weeds, swept, and the next day... ouch! But I love looking at all the flowers now! 😊