Sunday, November 20, 2022

Test Results

Beth's results all came back normal - the monitor and the sonogram. We're so glad! We really believe it was just syncope, the exact same thing that happened to Chuck back in March. BP is usually low when you first wake up; hadn't had any water for many hours so was probably dehydrated, was exerting herself coming up the stairs; and it just... happened. The perfect storm so to speak. Plus she had a stomach ache so she was in pain. There haven't been any episodes since it happened. She hasn't even felt dizzy or light headed, thank you Lord!
Haven't taken many photos in the last week. We pulled out all the Christmas decorations and they're in the den now, just waiting to be unpacked. We hung Christmas lights outside, cleaned the house... including those little things, like the stainless steel electric tea pot. Now that the weather has gotten cold, I'm using it a lot more!
We're headed into the busiest week of the year at church. I don't expect I'll be on here much, if at all. On Thanksgiving Chuck, Beth, and I will be at church, then we're having our family Thanksgiving on Saturday. Peter will be cooking the turkey, then we're all providing the other parts of the meal. We're very traditional - stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, black olives, and rolls. We buy pumpkin and apple pies, and I make ice box pie. Then into the living room to watch Muppet Christmas Carol!
Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2022

Hearts, Shopping, and A Cute Little Car

 Beth had a sonogram today of her heart. I got off work early and when we got to the appointment we were ninth in line! The place was packed. But they got us in pretty quickly and Beth got up on the table. We noticed this one had an actual sheet / thin blanket on it! 
She laid down and the tech got to work. She had to move her a few times "because her lungs were getting in the way." Lots of measuring and beeping. She was so good with Beth, telling her exactly what she was going to do before she did it, and explaining why she was doing it. Beth was pretty surprised when the tech told her the sound she was hearing was her heart beat!

After her appointment we went to Michael's. Just needed some good old fashioned retail therapy! 

 Went directly to her favorite aisle in the whole store.
Looking... looking...

Found it! Crayola Washable Markers. 💖

 I saw this little car on the freeway the other day, I've never seen one before! It looks like a tiny minivan. Does anyone know what kind of car this is?

 We went to Molbaks Nursery over the weekend. They were all decorated for Christmas and it was so nice to walk through there. They had free hot chocolate and danishes, live music and the most beautiful displays! Put me in such a good mood and made me want to come home and decorate! We had a good weekend. Hope you did too.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Grateful for An Hour

 Our church hosted Missions Fest this weekend. It's an organization that gathers various missions groups into one place and they all share about what God is doing around the world. MF comes in and completely transforms the church, setting up booths for the groups to promote their ministries. There were general sessions in the Sanctuary, then almost every classroom had breakout sessions with various speakers throughout the day. From a facility end of things it's exhausting. And MF is aware of that so they move to different churches every two years. I wasn't able to attend any of the sessions but I heard they were powerful. 
We did all the room set ups on Wednesday and Thursday, then the conference was Friday and Saturday. When the conference ended at 4:30 Saturday evening, my custodial crew began cleaning every classroom, foyer, and bathroom, to get things ready for Sunday morning classes and events. When I walked in the house at 9:30 Saturday night, I was SO grateful for that extra hour of Daylight Savings!
This was my step count from Saturday only -
Our main foyer and gym. 
They were still setting up pipes and drapes in the gym so I only got a picture of half of it but that's what the entire thing looked like!

Got up this morning and went back to church, then everyone came over for lunch. After watching the first half of the Seahawks game, we played Mexican Train. It was so good to be together. And I didn't get a single picture.
Do you keep track of your step count?  
I hope you had a good weekend. And I hope you got to enjoy that extra hour of sleep!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Monitoring, Characters, Responsibility

 After Beth passed out a couple weeks ago her doctor wanted her to get a heart monitor. Wear the heart monitor for a week, then do an Echocardiogram. I would get the monitor at one doctor's office, then the echo would be done at a different office. They weren't able to find a date that worked so I told them I'd call them to set it up. Then I got sick.
Finally made the appointment and on Monday we went up to the doctor to get the monitor only to find out we were at the echo office. Thankfully they were able to get us in anyway and we walked out with her all hooked up. They're hoping these two procedures will give some idea as to why she passed out.

 Our church hosts a Trunk and Treat and we did our usual Winnie the Pooh theme. We had it on Saturday and this year I bought some fun stickers. They were a huge hit! Unfortunately I didn't get nearly enough. We had about 600 kids come through! It is so much fun, we look forward to it every year. "Welcome to the Hundred Acre Wood!"

Have you voted yet? It seems each election becomes more important than the last. We sit down with Beth and explain a little about the issue and about each candidate. Sometimes she votes with us, sometimes against! We filled ours out and dropped them off a week early! Please vote.