Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who Needs Toys When You Have Bubble Wrap??

Christmas was very different for me this year. It really seemed to sneak up on me. Even though I knew for 12 months that it was coming, I still wasn't ready for it.

It might have been because I'm still grieving Buddy. He was such a big dog and has left a huge hole in our lives. I can go on for a while without even thinking about him then all of a sudden, it hits me. The pain is... so deep. (I would never compare a dog to a child, but I sure have been thinking about Carly's and Kristen's families.) Not having Buddy here for Christmas sure put a damper on the holiday for me.

I found myself wrapped up (no pun intended!) in all the gifts this year. I was stressed over what to buy and how much to spend. I desperately tried to remember the reason for the season. I originally put the nativity scene in the office, then moved it next to the fireplace and finally placed it under the tree. Didn't help much. We have a large wicker basket that I put under the tree with a blue blanket. On Christmas morning, I place 'baby Jesus' in the basket. We have done this since our kids were small and I was excited about starting this tradition with the next generation. But Allison is only one and wasn't very interested in it.

Work has been very stressful and even though I've tried to make some changes there, the process of change has been stressful!

I woke up Christmas morning at 7 AM. I had planned to sleep in but once my eyes were open, I was too excited to sleep! I turned on the Christmas tree lights, fixed some hot tea and curled up in Chuck's recliner. That was all I needed. I spent some time praying and just thanking the Lord for everything we had been given. The word Abundance kept going through my head as I looked at the presents under the tree. The day was wonderful. It was relaxed and stress free! Lots of great surprises, fun gifts and family!

Monday we were back to work and it was Diana's birthday. My youngest is now 20, no longer a teenager. We had planned to take her to dinner, but the flu got the best of her. She spent the day on the couch.

Ryan and Sharaya are moving this week so we spent some time at their house this morning packing and hauling boxes over to their new place. Diana is feeling better so we're taking her to dinner tonight. Then back here for cake and ice cream. And more presents.

Do you like how most of our ornaments are on the top half of the tree?
We've done this for years because Buddy's tail would slam into it and break ornaments.
(We called him our 'Happy Dog' cause that tail was always waggin'!)
This year, we knew Allie would want to touch them all.
So only non breakable ornaments on the bottom half.

New Jammies!

Allison helped me hand out the presents.

"Who is the fairest of them all?"
(A present from Great Grandmother.)


Even Sugar got a new toy!


I hope you all had a great Christmas
and pray this New Year is your best yet!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh To Be One Again!

I got to babysit Allison today.
She's getting over a cold so she's been sleeping alot.
After her nap I pulled out a large box that had recently
been delivered to our house.
She loved it!!
She would open and close the 'doors' and then laauugh!!

She was playing peek-a-boo with Snoopy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mail Call!

We get Netflix.
We love getting those movies at home, right in our little mail box!
Its fun to watch Beth when they arrive.
She opens each packet, careful not to tear the return envelope, and sets it aside.

Once she has them open, she holds them upside down
(doesn't want to see the movie prematurally! Has to wait for just the right moment....)

Wait for it......







Then she flips them for the big reveal!

'Hmmm. Some Christmas movie for Mom and Dad.
And Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. Not bad!'

She also got an application for an American Express Card.
That went right into the shredder.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctors Orders.... Kinda

Beth is still having a hard time going to sleep at a decent hour. So the other night I went downstairs and told her what the doctor said.

I told her that doctors did a test with two people. One slept for 5 hours, the other slept for 8. Then they both woke up. The person who only got 5 hours was sleepy and grumpy and didn't do a good job at work.

The person who slept 8 hours was happy and was strong and did well at work. So doctors tell us that we need 8 hours of sleep. Everyone needs 8 hours, me, dad, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Kathy, our neighbors, our friends at church. Everyone.

I told her we can use math to find out when she needs to go to sleep. We know when her bus comes every day and we know when she needs to wake up. So we count backwards from then.... and we find out what time she needs to turn out her light and go to sleep!

And it's worked two nights in a row!! Woo hoo!

So.... I sort of made up the part about the test. But I'm sure there were tests done somewhere to determine a good nights sleep = 8 hours! Right? And it's working! Ya gotta give me that! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fold, Dip, Stuff, Giggle

Chuck was at a motorcycle show yesterday and Diana had to work. So it was just me and Beth. We got a lot accomplished!

Beth folded laundry while I did dishes.

We made chocolate dipped pretzels.
Next time I need to find a different dipping bowl.
This one was very messy!

We worked on our Christmas cards.

And Allison came over for a while!

She's always good for a giggle! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Photo Friday!

Tonight we celebrated Allison's 1st birthday!
I can't believe our granddaughter is already a year old!
Happy, happy Birthday Allison!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Adult' Conversation

Beth and I went shopping today. You know how it is during December; Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, shopping for baking supplies.... it seems we're at the store almost every day!

I took Beth out today and she finished her Christmas shopping. One gift for every person on her list and now she's done. Beth's an adult; I don't have to bring a stroller or a diaper bag. When I need to use the bathroom, she usually does too and visa versa. We walk, we shop and we talk. Oh, the conversations we have!!

We pulled into one parkinglot and she said,

B - "Dis remin me of Toy Stowy Thwee."

Me - "It does? How?"

B - "Da Playgroun."

(We were nowhere near a playground. We were in a parkinglot. I'm desperately trying to remember a playground in TS3.)

B - "When Woody is outside."

(I noticed a little patch of grass with a chain link fence. Then I remembered Woody going outside at the daycare center.)

Me - "Oh I see it now!" :)

We pull up to a red light and a large truck in front of us pulls into Jack in the Box. Beth points toward JITB;

B - "That remin me of Harry Potter."

Me - "What reminds you of Harry Potter?"

B - "Da tree. There was a big spidow! I no like big spidows. Only liddle ones I can step on."

Maybe we need to cut back on her TV viewing time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Photo Friday!

Beth wrote this note and left it on the counter for me to see when I woke up this morning.

Translation - Mom can I use my card please.
Tell father about my card pleaseeeeeeeee tomorrow morning for shopping.
Do not say no mother!