Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctors Orders.... Kinda

Beth is still having a hard time going to sleep at a decent hour. So the other night I went downstairs and told her what the doctor said.

I told her that doctors did a test with two people. One slept for 5 hours, the other slept for 8. Then they both woke up. The person who only got 5 hours was sleepy and grumpy and didn't do a good job at work.

The person who slept 8 hours was happy and was strong and did well at work. So doctors tell us that we need 8 hours of sleep. Everyone needs 8 hours, me, dad, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Kathy, our neighbors, our friends at church. Everyone.

I told her we can use math to find out when she needs to go to sleep. We know when her bus comes every day and we know when she needs to wake up. So we count backwards from then.... and we find out what time she needs to turn out her light and go to sleep!

And it's worked two nights in a row!! Woo hoo!

So.... I sort of made up the part about the test. But I'm sure there were tests done somewhere to determine a good nights sleep = 8 hours! Right? And it's working! Ya gotta give me that! :)

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Alex's Mom said...

yes - it always seems "third parties" are much more credible than us...although "I told you so" may come out of my mouth more than it should :) Happy Holidays!! Gary