Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Ugly Cry

She's spent months cleaning out her room. I can't tell you how many loads we've taken to Goodwill. She's sold books and movies to Half Price Books and she gave stuff to Sharaya. Her and Chuck have planned their road trip, made hotel reservations and located all the truck stops along their route!

She's already got a job back there and a place to stay when she gets there. I think she's all set! Sharaya and Allie spent the night here last night. Allie slept in Diana's room and Sharaya and Diana slept (I think they slept!) in the living room so they could talk and watch movies all night. 

We all got up early this morning and Diana rearranged the rubbermaid bins. She was determined to get all of her stuff into just two bins! And she did pretty good! She took the two bins, one small bag (we call it her Mary Poppins bag cause it's about that same size) and one 'food bag' where she keeps snacks, drinks and stuff for the road trip.

Don't you like the title of that journal? Dreams & Schemes. :)

She left a couple boxes here, with stuff that she'll get next time she comes home. Or we'll mail it to her if she finds she needs it sooner.

It came time for them to leave so we all gathered around her and Chuck prayed for her before they headed out to the car for the last time.

After they left, Sharaya, Allie, Beth and I went back into the house. Allie was talking non-stop about something. I'm not sure what. Sharaya sat down on the couch. Beth and I went out to the kitchen, hugged each other and sobbed. Yep, we did the ugly cry! 

Sharaya was headed out to buy a table so she cleaned out her car, then her and Allie left.

Beth and I went into Diana's room and it was empty, except for the furniture. I turned around and saw something on her closet door.

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Caz said...

She's right, of course. I hope her absence gets easier, and that her new life is full of good stuff.