Wednesday, April 10, 2024

One Happy Custodian

 And now it seems my background has disappeared! 😆 I love technology!
Thank you for your suggestions on my last post. I shouldn't write this because you'll see just how bad I am at computers. It's crazy, I'm on a computer all day at work: Excel, Word, Publisher, I work on my budget, I do payroll, purchasing... but at home? I sometimes get nervous trying to do things I'm not familiar with.
I bought some things for Adelaide a couple weeks ago, got it all shipped off to their house and could feel the knot in my stomach. Then... day of arrival... they shipped the wrong thing! I ordered a blanket and stuffy. They sent espresso pods. So back to the computer to figure out the return process... ugh. Poor Diana and Peter had to take it to Kohls...
Anyway back to your suggestions. I'll need to figure out what Google photos is. And I've heard of a CD drive, a thumb drive but I honestly didn't know there was a Google drive. Or a Microsoft One drive?  
'I send it from my phone to the Cloud.' I'm embarrassed to eve ask this but how do you get to the cloud? Is it a website? A download? These are just things I've never looked into.
And Shutterfly. I've created a few books through them but I didn't know they would actually store your photos. (Or are your photos just stored there because you've created books?) I made a book once through It came out really nice but they've since gone out of business. Same thing with My Publisher. 
Thank you again for all your suggestions. I'll look into it and figure out what I want to do. Right now I'm just uploading the newest pictures onto the new computer and will go from there. Now to figure out where my background went! 
I took Beth to the dentist a couple weeks ago to get a temporary crown. She lost an implant a month or so ago and was finally able to get it fixed. She goes in Monday for the permanent crown. Anyway, when she got in the chair, the hygienist handed her the sunglasses. After she put them on she gave the Hang Ten sign! The hygienist and I laughed so hard! Beth just smiled! Wish I'd gotten a picture of it.
We recently got new badges at work. We're tightening up on security so everyone from pastors to baristas, custodians to admin, we all got our pictures taken and had new badges made. Beth doesn't like to take her work keys home so she leaves them in her 'mailbox' by my desk. When we come to work she comes to my desk and we sign in together, then she grabs her keys and gets to work. When my boss gave me her badge I put it with her keys and when we got to my desk I got my camera ready...

 She is one happy custodian!


Billie Jo said...

Hello! I am so happy to see Beth all happy and smiling! I am sorry about your tech issues. I am NO help on that front. When I have a problem with my blog, I message this wonderful woman. I call her my Blog Fairy! She can fix anything!

Terri D said...

Beth looks SO HAPPY with her new credentials!! How nice. I might suggest that you hire someone to help you with your computer or go take a class. The things you are concerned about are not difficult to navigate with a little knowledge and some confidence. If you are working in Excel and Publisher, you will catch on quickly!! Keep us posted!

ellen b. said...

The need for added security these days is real. Sad but necessary. That is so disappointing that the wrong items were sent...seriously coffee pods???
Anywho...I hope your computers woes iron out, soon. said...

I've been MIA for so long. Not sure when Beth started working but bravo!! Glad she is doing that and she looks so happy with her badge and key arrangement. Giggled about her giving 'hang-ten' at the dentist's office.

Oh, technology. I have had so many issues. I am not sure what problems you are having, maybe storing photos? I store mine 'on the cloud' too but I also store them on something called Dropbox. It is a website that will store documents, pictures for you for free. I have so many stored that I am charged about $10 a month to keep all of my things but it is money well spent. You might look into Dropbox. You would be able to sign in on any device anywhere you can get on the Internet and access, add to your photos, edit your photos. Holler if you need more info.