Friday, September 16, 2022

Chock Full

We've had a very busy week. I kept meaning to post but by the time the days ended I was too tired!
Chuck and I went to a Mariner's Game. Diana and I took Poppy for a walk down by the waterfront. There were two doctor's appointments, and two salon appointments. Chuck and I went to a Business Meeting. We had new gutters put on the house. I took Ally to school one morning. And Xfinity did some work in our area so we had spotty internet for a few days. No wonder I didn't get on here this week!
Poppy loves to go to new places, she just hates riding in the car. We wonder if she gets motion sickness? Not sure, but she does okay as long as she can look out the front window!
Then we took her to the pet store so she could pick out some treats. I played with her out in the backyard, then came in and needed to go downstairs to talk to Beth. When I came out of Beth's apartment she was at the top of the stairs. I guess she wasn't finished playing!

 I took Beth to a salon for the first time. We've always just gone to Supercuts and they've been okay but now we're going to a real hair salon! Shampoo, scalp massage... We didn't know what we'd been missing!

 We're s-l-o-w-l-y updating the outside of our house. We put on a new roof a few years ago and got a color that would match the house, once we get it painted. Last week we got new gutters put on that will be the trim color of the house... once we get it painted. We met with a painter friend last week but he's so busy (we're not the only ones?!) he can't get to it until next Spring. So... the house doesn't look great. Yet! But we're getting there.

And I realize I haven't taken a picture of the house with the new gutters!
I took Ally to school the other day. Middle school. The few times I took her in grade school we'd sit in the car and talk until it was time to go inside. I told her we'd be early so we'd have to wait in the car and she said, "No. Everyone just waits outside." It was surreal watching her walk away from the car.
Preschool Graduation... and... now 😭

 Fall is definitely here! Trees are changing color, temps are dropping. I will admit, I'm starting to get excited about it all!


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, Ally is growing up! Yep, they want to go visit with their friends rather than wait in the car with their parents (or grandparents). It's kind of sad but also good at the same time. We want them to grow up and become independent, but it just happens too quickly for us! I love your house and the color is fine...kind of a natural look. But I am sure you want a change...what will it be? Who does Poppy belong to? Looks like a sweet doggy. Oh, and that salon treatment is SO nice! Sometimes we just need to be pampered a bit, especially when you are so busy!! This was a delightful post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Terri D said...

Those little ones do have a way of growing up (too fast!). Anticipation will make that new house color all the prettier!! Keep us posted! A trip to a "real" salon is always nice!! I'm sure Beth loved it as much as you did!! xo

Ernie said...

We put new siding on our house last year. What a difference. The roof is probably next. It has lasted a long time, but the time is coming. Oh, the salon upgrade sounds lovely. I've never seen a dog treat store where the dogs can shop for their own treats. Then again, I've only lived with a dog since Lad unwisely chose to buy a puppy while living with us. What was he thinking? Poppy is a cute name for a pretty dog.

Rebecca Jo said...

Scalp massages... truly the best part of the hair experience!!!

Dogs can TOALLLLY get car sick! Our Ernie - he would barf every time by the time we got like 2 miles away - any sort of motion, he cant handle it.