Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 For 21 - Makes Me Nervous

I guess I'm afraid to fail.

October is such a busy month for us and already I've missed two days. I guess I should at least try though. Even though we have two kids at home, they are grown. I only work 31 hours a week. Maybe I could do this. :)

On a very positive note, Beth talked to her DART driver this morning! This is a HUGE thing! When the driver asks how she's doing, Beth usually just answers with a grunt, "Fine."

Today, before she even stepped off the porch, I heard her said, "We're back from vacation."

I was shocked! I watched as they walked across the driveway to the bus. I couldn't hear but I saw Beth say something else to her, and the driver responded. Right before Beth stepped onto the bus she looked at the driver...

I'm sorry, did you get that?? She looked at the driver and said something else!

Oh my gosh! I ran into Diana's room, "Guess what just happened!!" This is very cool. :)


Nan said...

Wooo Hooo! Hooray Beth! and you for joining the 31 for 21. I figure, all you have to do is try. I often think (in life) of the Mother Theresa quote: God doesn't require us to succeed, s(he) only requires us to try.

So. Bravo!

Unknown said...

That is so great...and I am glad you are going to try!