Monday, October 29, 2012

31 For 21 - Constantly Progressing

Beth has been talking so much lately. For many years she's been quiet, not saying much. Not giving her opinion about things. Not engaging in conversation.

But lately she's been talking a lot. About her life, about her wants and her opinions. She's engaging us in conversation. She's spending more time upstairs instead of alone in her apartment downstairs.

I plan to write more about this another day, but that's what I've been noticing about Beth lately. She's talking a lot. And I like it.


Caz said...

That's lovely to hear. I wonder what's changed for her that means she has lots to say, or that she wants to say it now.
And well done for getting to day 29of 31 for 21.

Becky said...

We all never stop learning and growing. I still feel myself changing and growing. I love hearing she has more to say...look forward to her maybe someday guest posting on your blog....tell her, as you now, it is a great place to let it all out! :)

Nan said...

how cool is that? If we could all learn to be just that patient ... all we need is time! I can't wait to hear what Beth has to say.

Jennifer Scott said...

That's awesome. I wonder if she's getting more comfortable with herself and is able to open up more.