Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 For 21 - Eeewwww

It's Thursday. Ryan and Sharaya come over for dinner every Thursday.

After we eat we usually play games. Scrabble. Uno.

Tonight we played Uno. Laughing. Drinking hot tea.

Laughing some more.

I noticed Allison was very quiet.

I got up to see what she was doing.

I found her in the bathroom.

She was brushing her teeth.

With my toothbrush.


Nan said...

Guess you need a bunch of guest toothbrushes! Hey, have you ever played "What's Yours LIke?" It is so much fun as a family game! Jessie's boyfriend's family introduced it to us and now we play whenever we get together with other families & friends.

JC said...

Ug...And you have to wonder if that was the first time she has done that! haha