Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 For 21 - She Won't Follow Directions

Well, I spoke with K today about not coaching Beth and just letting her do it on her own today. I said that she can get flustered when she's the center of attention and her score last week was only 35. K hadn't realized that and agreed to just watch today. He cheered for her and I think gave her a high 5 once. Talking to him definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be.

But she kept looking back at K whenever it was her turn to bowl, like she was hoping he'd coach her so I asked her if she wanted him to and she said no. Okay.

She did okay with her new wrist guide. She kept adjusting it and I think it made her feel like a professional bowler. :) Unfortunately her score didn't reflect that.

She tends to stand so far back when she throws, today she began pushing her foot against the score table! About 4-5 feet behind the lane! I saw this little plastic sign on the table and I tried to explain to her how it was easier for me to knock it down when I was closer to it. I told her that she needed to go all the way to the line before she threw her ball. She did it one time.

Then it was back to standing so far back that her ball would land with a loud bang on the floor, instead of the lane. All the things K was telling her last week, stand close to the line; keep your arm straight; point your thumb toward the pins; she would do one time, then go back to her old ways. She has one of the lowest scores of all the bowlers and there must be close to 75 on the team.

I know it's not about winning, but she gets so disappointed when she throws a gutter ball or only knocks down a few pins.

But she won't. follow. directions.

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Becca said...

Seriously, anyone who says the "stubborn" gene is just a stereotype just. has. no. clue. :-( *sigh*