Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 For 21 - 10/10

Twenty seven years ago we celebrated Beth's very 1st birthday. 
This is what I wrote in her baby book.

 We celebrated your birthday tonight, October 10, 1985. One year ago tonight, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl.

Miss Burkhart (from mommy's work) came to the car and gave you a birthday kiss this afternoon.

This weekend you mommy and daddy are going to Los Angeles to see grandma Mary Ann. She called tonight and you told her, "Aahhgg!!" I think she was impressed!

You sat on Uncle Joe's chest for a long time chewing on his watch. Auntie Debbie sat on the floor with you and she read to you out of your prayer book.

Uncle Kenny gave you a kiss before he left and he even fed you some of his ice cream from his own spoon! Uncle Ken has come a long way!
So many people love you Beth! After everybody left we put you to bed and you fell right to sleep. 

Happy first birthday!!


ckbrylliant said...

Happy Birthday Beth! A great way to recall her birthday!

JC said...

Aw, love this. Happy Birthday Beth!

Nan said...

Lovely .. and that you can find what you wrote all those years ago!

Laura said...

Thank you for shaing! I hope Beth had a wonderful birthday!

Laura said...

I meant sharing:)

The Blitz said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!!

Caz said...

Happy birthday Beth

Kristin said...

Happy birthday Beth!

Michelle said...

happy 27th Beth! How wonderful to have your words from her 1st birthday to go back and read again!