Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Forgotten

We used to live in San Diego, on South Sunshine Street. Appropriate, huh? Anyway, we moved into the same apartment complex as my mom (Chuck agreed to it!) and lived there for about 3 years. There was a sidewalk right down the middle with 12 apartments on each side, facing each other. We were like family. We'd have bar-be-ques, parties. Sometimes after all the kids went down for the night, the adults would go sit outside and talk for hours. Even though it's been 24 years, I still keep in touch with our old apartment manager. It was unlike anyplace we've ever lived before, or since.

(My mom took this after we moved out. Our apartment was that door on the right.)

A year or so after we moved in, a young family moved in right next door to us. She was a single mom with two boys. Twins. And guess what? They both had Down Syndrome! They were so cute and very popular at the complex! Unfortunately, we didn't keep in touch after we moved to Washington, but I've never forgotten them. I'm wondering if any of you might know Nathanial and Daniel Unea? They'd be in their mid-twentys by now. I'd love to get in touch with their mom again. One problem, I can't remember her name! I have the boys names on the back of a photo I took of them at the pool when they were about 2, but for the life of me, can't remember hers. I'm hoping someone out there knows them!


Becca said...

I did some Google and FB searches and...nothin. There were an Angie and a Shawna in Eureka, CA with that last name, though, but otherwise there were only 9 people in the US with that name listed in the white pages.

DandG said...

I found this guy:

And this facebook page:

DandG said...

...also I noted that that fb entry is friends with

which has a profile picture that includes several young adults with Down syndrome, including 2 men who look pretty similar....

DandG said...

Hey, hey, check this out!
Ashlee Gorge, Danny and Nathan Miley-Unea on the Special Olypmics team:

They are probably living in a group home or with relatives, so I can't find them in the White Pages, but you can probably find some of their fb friends, and track them down that way. Or fb message them directly.

DandG said...

...and Eureka, CA is not all that far from Seattle, WA -- certainly much closer than San Diego!