Monday, May 20, 2013

Sometimes It's So Hard To Trust

Chuck and I were working out in the yard this afternoon when Beth came to the back door.

"I'm going to Firtells."

"Where are you going?"

"Bardale." And away she went.

We have a small market about 2 blocks from our house called Firdale Market. We can see it from our front yard. Plus there is a Bartells about a mile down a windy, hilly street. She walks to these stores fairly often so I wasn't too concerned. Until about an hour had gone by. I stopped pulling weeds long enough to ask Chuck which store she said she was going to. He thought she said Firdale, but too much time had gone by. She should had been home long ago.

I sent her a text asking her if she had gone to Bartells. The phone on the counter next to me beeped. Her phone. SHE DIDN'T HAVE HER PHONE WITH HER!

I went out to the front yard to see if I could see her walking up the street. Nothing.

I trust Beth. I trust her completely. It's all those OTHER people I don't trust. Like the guy driving the car that flew by our house doing about 90 the other day. Followed by two police cars doing 89, lights and sirens blaring. Or the guy who, a couple weeks ago, tried to lure a child into his car just a few miles from our house. I trust Beth. But those people make me nervous!

I told Chuck I was going to get in the car and drive toward Bartells to see if I could see her.

I got my purse... but I didn't leave. Instead I just stood at the front windows praying.

"Lord, I trust you. When she left I automatically prayed that you would put your hedge of protection around her and I believe you hear our prayers. Lord, I will trust you to take care..." at that moment she appeared on the sidewalk in front of our house. Whew!!

While she went to the mailbox to check the mail, I ran to the backyard. I didn't want her to see me watching for her! She hates it when we meet her at the door or wait for her on the porch. Like any adult, sometimes she just wants to unlock the door and let herself in.

I took a deep breath and tried to look busy. When she came to the back door and smiled at me, I smiled back. "Hi Beth!"

Thank you Lord!

Now I just have to remind her to always take her phone with her!


Unknown said...

I can imagine how you were worried. I think I would have been too. It's hard not to worry when people without disabilities are being abducted or worse. All we can do is teach them how to be as safe as possible and then let go.

Kristen's mom said...

Thank you for the card! You are so very kind to remember us on Kristen's birthday.
I love hearing stories about Beth.

Becca said...

Love, love, love this post! I love knowing that there *will* be a time when we can feel (mostly) comfortable in Samantha going places on her own. But yes, you're right, it's the *other* people that terrify me most. Scary stuff out there. Glad you held back, though, and allowed Beth the benefit of your trust! :-)

Anna Theurer said...

Whew! Glad she made it home. I don't trust other people either.

Nan said...

More later, but its also sometimes the other people that make it safe for Beth and my daughter Jessie and other people who are more vulnerable. Sometimes being out in the community all the time means that these people get to know our children and help create the safety net that is so important to our children ... but also, to our communities! I think our children often weave a web that we think is for their safety, but in fact links people in our community in ways that might not otherwise be possible. maybe. I think. (mostly ... on this one, I pray!) Whew. Glad she came home, glad she left. Both are good!

Michelle said...

I would have been so nervous too, but on the other hand it's great she has that independence. I know what you mean about all the other people you don't trust. Glad you were able to get in the backyard before she realized you had been watching for her! :)