Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Boxes

It's funny how you go through stages with blogging. Some weeks it seems I'm on this all the time, thinking about what to write next, reading every blog I can, leaving comments...

Other weeks, I go days without even thinking about it. Or if I do, it's just a fleeting thought about how it's been so long and I really should post something.

This week has been one of those fleeting thought weeks.

I was thinking a lot about Kristen Kirton. Her birthday was last weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about her and her Family.

Our weather has been gorgeous lately so we're outside every spare minute, sitting in the sun, doing yard work or watching Allie play in her kiddie pool.

Diana took another trip over the weekend. She left on Saturday evening for Orlando and spent one day laying by the pool at the condo, then spent a day at Disney World. Then Tuesday, yesterday, she came home. Flew clear across the country... and was only gone three days. Unfortunately she was sick the whole time. She went to the doctor before she left, got some antibiotics and was told it would be okay to travel. So she went, but never got better. Still coughing, still had a headache, still feeling feverish. But she went. And had a good time.

Ryan has good days and bad days. Sharaya stays strong. At least in front of others. I've only seen her cry once, she's pretty amazing. Ryan has applied to a couple jobs but nothing has panned out. We're praying that the Lord would heal Ryan from depression. That this would only be a short season in their lives and not what their lives will be like from now on.

Beth is still working and still doing well. Her main jobs are folding pizza boxes and washing dishes. To me it seems natural that when she comes home we ask how it went. That's what people do, right? I want to know if she did anything new, if the manager said anything to her about anything. I'm the mom, I want to know!
This last Saturday her bus dropped her off, she opened the door and said, "More boxes. More dishes." Then promptly went down to her room. I'm beginning to think she doesn't like the nightly interrogation :)

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Michelle said...

I love how she pre-empted you with 'more boxes. more dishes.' :)