Friday, May 3, 2013


We all went to Roozengaarde last weekend to see all the tulips. It was the end of the season so there weren't a lot of tulips but there were enough.It was supposed to rain, but didn't until after we got home!

Right after we walked in, Beth fell. I was walking in front of her and noticed a grate, like for water run off that was raised about an inch off the ground. The rocks around it had settled and a corner of this grate was sticking up just slightly. I know can be unstable on her feet, especially when walking on cobblestones or any non-smooth surface. I saw the grate, then quickly looked back at Beth.

This part all happened in slow motion. I glanced at Beth and as I turned my head back around, I consciously realize Beth is looking up at something. I think to myself that she'll see the grate, she'll look down in enough time... I glance back again... to see her on the ground.

Two strangers are going to her and beginning to help her up. She hugged me and started to cry. I prayed for her and we wiped off her pants and shirt. Sure enough, the grate got her. She said her knee hurt so I lifted her pant leg. Ouch. There was a gash in her leg... you could put the tip of your finger into the hole! It was nasty. I cleaned it and put a band aid on it (I keep some in my purse) and when I asked her if it hurt, she said no! What?! How could that not hurt?! (She told me later that it only hurt right when she fell.)

She said she wanted to sit down for a while so her and Chuck found a bench. After that, she never mentioned it again! I kept asking her if her leg hurt, "No." Wow. 

The rest of the day was great, just hanging out together. (Ryan wasn't able to be there.) The flowers were gorgeous and Sharaya and I loved taking pictures of everything! It had rained the few days before we went so we expected it to be muddy but it wasn't at all. We walked around the gardens, Allison ran all over. We really had a great time.







JC said...

Poor Beth,glad she didn't let it ruin her day! Lovely pictures in this post :)

Erin said...

So glad she was ok and you all got to enjoy yourselves! Beautiful family and photos!

Unknown said...

Wow, she's a strong girl! That looks like such a lovely place. I really enjoyed all the pictures--good to see you in them too!