Friday, May 10, 2013

I Wish I Had a Hazmat Suit

I actually thought that this morning as I was putting on the longest jeans I could find, the thickest socks, the chunkiest tennis shoes.

See, we found two large spiders in one of Allies toy buckets. Actually, Allie found them. In this sweet, 3 1/2 year old voice, "Nana, there's a spider in my cars."


But she was wrong. There were TWO spiders in the bucket with her toy cars!

Diana came out and took charge. She grabbed a butter knife and was going to bludgeon them to death. "What is the better end to use, the knife or the blunt end?" I decided the blunt end because it was bigger and she had a better chance of actually hitting them with it.

I personally would have gone with a blow torch, but ours was in the shop.

Allie kept standing there, very close to them, telling Diana and I that she was afraid of spiders. Liar. If she was so afraid of them, she'd be in the next room. Standing next to me.

We thought about throwing a big towel over them, then putting the little bucket into a big bucket and throwing it outside. But neither one of us wanted to get that close to them. Diana debated about our next move, crouched a couple feet from the bucket. I stood a couple yards away, hot pads on both hands, waiting to run at any second.

I finally got the Raid. Diana sprayed them to death, then threw a towel over them. With the hot pads still on my hands, I grabbed the little bucket, put it into a larger bucket, then threw everything out into the backyard.

It would have been much easier if we had just had that hazmat suit.


Jennifer Scott said...

ha ha ha I usually put something heavy over them like a thick glass, leave the house to take the kids on an "adventure" and wait for rob to get home to take care of it. Then I pray that it didn't lift the glass & get out.

The other day Meredith told my neighbor "you have a crab under your car." It was a spider.

Tresa said...

I had a similar incident last week with a large wolf spider and after the Raid failed to act "instantly" as promised, actually looked up hazmat suits and gas masks on eBay. They are cheap! I'm going to get outfitted before I tackle the junk on the patio.