Monday, June 3, 2013

Blood Draw

Beth sees her endocrinologist about every 6 months and in between, we take her for blood draws so the doctor can adjust her medicine if needed, before the next visit.

This time I had Allie with me but she did great! It's been a long time since I took a preschooler to the doctor! I had books and snacks, tried to be prepared for anything. But she did great!

Beth was only in there for a few minutes anyway, so that was good. She was willing to go in by herself this time. Usually she wants me there, even though she doesn't need me there. Needles don't faze her at all.

Heading upstairs to the clinic.

Waiting for them to call Beth.
Not sure WHAT Allie was doing with her eyes.
She's such a goober.


1 comment:

Sharaya said...

She's really into crossing her eyes for fun lately. I think that's what she was attempting to do here. :)