Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rough Morning

I always get up at 7am on Wednesdays (my day off from work) to help Beth with her hair and when my alarm went off this morning I could tell she wasn't up yet.

I went downstairs to find her still in bed, Cpap machine was off, her phone was on the bed next to her and she was snoring. This was 45 minutes after she should have been up! And usually her phone is charging on her desk on the other side of the room.

She doesn't oversleep very often but when I come down to wake her up she immediately realizes she's overslept and throws her covers off. Today she just laid there and rubbed her eyes. I encouraged her to wake up because her bus would be here soon! 

Now remember, the word 'hurry' is not in Beth's vocabulary. I've spoken to other moms and it's the same way with their daughters who have Down Syndrome. It's just very hard for Beth to move fast. She has done it, but it's not something she can do when she's being told to move. I don't know if it's her being stubborn or if there's a true disconnect in the neutrons in her brain. Anyway, it took her 15 minutes to come upstairs and then she went into the bathroom. Ten minutes later her phone rang, it was DART telling her they're on their way.

To keep this short, let's just say I wasn't very pleasant this morning. The driver is standing at the front door as Beth slowly gets her vitamin, picks up her phone, remembers (out loud) that she didn't get to brush her teeth, heads back to the bathroom to get a hairbrush... and I was trying to literally push her out the door. (The driver can leave without her after just 5 minutes...)

She finally gets out the door, no silly smile on her way to the bus, no look back as it's pulling out of the driveway... oh well. My girls are old enough that I know these days come and go and it doesn't destroy them. In our family we've never stayed mad for very long.

So it made me smile when I got this text this afternoon:

'i am so sorry about happen today this morning'

I told her I was sorry for getting mad at her and that I loved her. 💖

It will be good to talk with her when she gets home. 


Rebecca Jo said...

Ahhh - I hate mornings like that. When they start off on a sour note, it can set a tone for the whole day - so glad you two had your text to try & ease up the day.

Saimi said...

Bad mornings are no fun but I'm glad you were able to share some positive texts. We all have hard time getting up once in a while.

ellen b. said...

Nice text!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is always nice to make up and say I love you.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Time is a big gift, Cindy.

Presume competence, OK?

Jill said...

Better days are always ahead :-) You handled that really well and with a lot of love and that makes a big difference. Hope you have a wonderful week!!