Sunday, July 21, 2019

Workin' Hard

We had VBA last week so for my department that meant moving dozens of tables and hundreds of chairs and setting up all the class rooms.

Beth came to work on Thursday and helped set up 3 classrooms on the third floor.

I took these during the week and Allie wanted to be in them!
She's such a great model!

 When we got home we sat at the kitchen table for a few minutes when all of the sudden...

After about 5 minutes she woke up and quickly headed to the living room. I thought she was going downstairs and when I got up from the table I saw this:

She was absolutely zonked! She slept for about 30 minutes then it was like she jumped up and came back out to the table. "I was sleepeen." 

Yes you were!

Have you ever worked on a project that left you absolutely exhausted?


ellen b. said...

Funny you should mention it and yes we helped someone move on Saturday and it was an exhausting experience!

Rebecca Jo said...

Awww... bless her heart. That's the sign of a good days work under her belt :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

She is such a hard worker. Bless her heart!