Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Been Looking Forward To It

This year we decided to go downtown a few hours before the parade started and walk around looking at all the shops. We stopped at the Edmonds Bakery to get some breakfast and we were shocked at all the cookie jars! So many cute ones!

I have a cookie jar that belonged to my grandparents. She's got to be at least 60 years old but I still use her! Do you have a special cookie jar?

While we waited for the parade to start, I walked around a little more. I really love the heart of our little town. 

We were invited to a friends party this year. I'm always nervous in those situations, especially if I don't know the people really well. Ugh! But we had a good time. I think next year we'll let Beth stay at home. She really didn't know anyone and just hung out with me all day. She'd much rather be at home writing, singing or watching TV!

Girls photo! 
Beth is in the middle row, left of center and I'm behind her

Then on Sunday Sharaya and Allie came over for s'mores! 

Thanks for the picture Sharaya!

I look forward to the 4th of July every year!
We really had a great day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, that's a pretty cool shop with the cookie jars. Glad you enjoyed the party.

ellen b. said...

I agree that you live in a charming town. I always enjoy my visits there. That's a lot of cookie jars. A bakery is a great place to have that collection to display. No cookie jars growing up or in my house now. :(

Rebecca Jo said...

Ahh - glad it was a good time. & now you know better for next year.
How fun are those cookie jars. My mom had a whole wizard of oz collection of them - I wonder what happened to them - I need to ask her

Saimi said...

That's really an amazing cookie jar collection! Our cookies don't last long around here so no fancy cookie jar for me. I love yours, it looks like a Dutch person. I'm glad you had a good time with the 4th of July party - my husband feels uncomfortable in social situations unless they are close friends, he just doesn't like large social gatherings. As for me, I can party with the best of them haha. The husband are so different in that respect.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I do have a favorite cookie Jar. I found it at a thrift store, it's really old, and most of it's paint has rubbed off somehow or another. It's a little sailor and he sits proudly on my counter.

I can't believe how many cookie jars are on the wall of the shop, wow, what a collection!!

I'm not much of a party girl, but I do love to get together with people I love, it always makes that day a little more special, and the 4th is one of those days that I don't mind a party! Looks like you had a great time, and what a cute photo of Sharaya!!

Hugs and Love,

Regina said...

I have a cute cookie jar that I bought a few years ago for Valentine's Day. Did you take home a cookie jar?
I don't use mine because I don't know how to keep the cookies fresh. Any suggestions?