Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Over

My vacation, that is. One of our ministries had a meeting so I set up, served them lunch then tore down after it was over so today I officially went 'back to work'.

We really had a great week. Seattle had great weather! Monday it was in the high 70's; Diana and I sat outside all day. I didn't lift a finger. Didn't cook dinner, didn't do the dishes, nothin'. It was glorious!

The rest of the week I just did random stuff around the house. Watched the kids come and go to their various activities. On Friday I buckled down and actually painted the kitchen. It's not done yet but it's going to look so nice! Our kitchen has been an eggshell color and I'm painting it Pale Daffodil. It's yellow without being YELLOW, if you know what I mean. Diana used the roller on the big wall while I used a brush on the smaller areas. I thought Beth might come up and help but after she got home from job class, she went downstairs and didn't come up again until dinner!

Saturday we babysat Allie so we went out for ice cream, then went to the beach. It was low tide so we walked out to the water and threw rocks. We sat on some driftwood and layed on the grass for a while. It was a relaxing way to end the week.

Picnic Point Park

(Not my picture)

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Caz said...

I need to get to a beach! Glad you had a restful and productive week.