Monday, May 14, 2012

Peaceful, After the U-Turn

I hope you all had a very happy Mother's Day. I thought of Joany and Polly and wondered how they celebrated their day, if they were able to celebrate at all. I prayed their weekends were filled with a few happy memories of their babies.

We celebrated on Saturday and our day went something like this:

On Saturday Sharaya took part in a 5K fun run/walk to help end human trafficking. It was through World Concern. Sharaya and Allie were coming to our house after it was over because Ryan had to work. They planned to take the shuttle to the start of the race so Beth and I drove to the shuttle pick up location (we had to transfer the car seat and diaper bag to our van) only to learn that they decided to park at Crista, the location of the 5K. Now, I must tell you that I am really bad with directions. I can get lost in a bathroom. Anyway, I drove to another shuttle location and the guy told me there was no parking. He then proceeded to tell me how to get to Crista because there was parking there. He told me, I repeated it, he said it again and as I was driving away, I promptly forgot!! We ended up in a neighborhood quite a ways away from where we wanted. I took a deep breath and made a u-turn. We eventually made our way to the Crista parking lot about 45 minutes after the race started. Crazy. And it was only a couple minutes from my house!! I really need to get out more.

Waiting for Sharaya to finish.


I also found out (after Sharaya was finished) that we were on the wrong side of the finish line! All those people in that picture? They had already crossed the finish line. They were just coming up the street to get their lunch. 

We got home and opened presents. I got so many things! Jewelry, a beautiful cross, a wind chime, a movie (The Lake House) a book of crossword puzzles (I need to do something to help improve my memory!) and of course chocolate!

Diana and I got Sharaya one of those antique pictures of Allie. I wish I had taken a picture of her opening it! One of those sepia pictures with the old clocks and suitcases, Allie was in a lace dress, it really turned out cute!

Chuck made dinner, then we sat out on the patio and played Catch Phrase.
Beth fell asleep waiting for all the fun to begin.

After the sun went behind the trees we came inside and played Mexican Train.

Me and my girls.

Sunday (after we got home from church) was spent just hanging out around the house. We played rummy, ate chocolate and watched movies. My family really gave me a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful weekend!


Becky said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a beautiful family you have....

Alex's Mom said...

What nice pictures of you and the girls. Happy Mother's Day!

JC said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful Mothers Day :)

Caz said...

These lst pictures of you are the ones where you look impossibly young! Really lovely pictures.

Caz said...

that's "last"