Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm not even sure where to begin. Nothing major, nothing serious, just lots of change. Change stresses me out.

In two weeks I'll be starting a new position at work. It's nothing I've ever done before and I'm a little overwhelmed at the task. I think it will be fun, I think I'll like it it but I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to do it. My hours will be cut, at least to start. Once we know what the new job will entail, I may get more hours but for now I'll lose my benefits. Other peoples hours are being cut, others are leaving, just so much anxiety right now. It's been a little stressful not knowing what the future holds.

Then I come home. This house has just become too much. I've been doing some spring cleaning lately, washing windows, cleaning out closets, but it still looks like a disaster! Every surface has something on it. Every. Single. Surface. I can't keep up with it anymore. I try. I make lists of chores and things that need doing, but it just never gets done. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep up with it. Why does the state of my house dictate the state of my mind?

You know Beth's outfits she likes so much? The pants were too long for her so I hemmed them. After a few months, the hem came out. So I'm in the process of hemming them again, this time she wants them shorter. I began working on them over the weekend, but only got one half of one pant leg done. This morning she's heading out the door and I notice she's wearing this outfit!! Her pants actually have three different lengths! Oh my word. I asked the Lord to not let anyone notice her pants today! :)

We recently bought some paint for the kitchen. Pale Daffodil. I began removing pictures, washing walls and that's where it ends! Haven't done anything else to prep the kitchen for painting.

My glasses broke two weeks ago. I've been back and forth to the eye doctor and yesterday after work we went to pick them up. They're progressive lenses and I'm trying to get used to them. It has not been easy. After the eye doctor, we did some grocery shopping then headed to church for the prayer meeting. By the time we got home it was 9:00 at night! Definitely didn't want to start in on the kitchen then!

I'm just overwhelmed. I know this will pass. Things will get better. The house will come together. Things at work will calm down and everything will become normal again. A new normal, but normal nonetheless.


Becca said...

I'm sorry, Cindy!! It sounds like so much is so discombobulated right now. And you're right, it *will* get better. But in the meantime, UGH. That's a lot to deal with at once. On a brighter note, Pale Daffodil sounds beautiful! Hang in there... (((hugs)))

Laurie said...

Oh, my.... I DO hear you. I feel like I've been living it for the last 8 months. I took on (somewhat involuntarily) an extra position. Wow! the first month or two was the worst.... then it seemed to settle.... but now I'm in the home stretch.... only 3 more weeks of the extra hours. It will pass. It is a season. But I do know that doesn't make this easier in the moment. ..... Lean hard on God, he knows, he has a plan.
.... maybe I'll get back to blogging in a couple weeks!!