Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rewind Wednesday - Tonsils

I kept journals for our girls while they were growing up. Wrote about school, their friends, milestones, etc. At one doctor appointment he told me that Beth's tonsils were almost touching each other and it would eventually make it hard for her to breathe. So we made the decision to have them removed.

March 20, 1998

It's 7:15 AM and you're sitting on your hospital bed getting ready to have your tonsils out. You drank some medicine to make you sleepy. You are very nervous! Daddy is here with us today! He took the day off from work so he could be with you. I love you Beth! You're going to do great today!

March 21, 1998

Hi Beth,
You did very good during your surgery yesterday. You even tried to sit up in recovery! The trouble started on the way home when you threw up in the car. Then again after we got home. And again and again. It's been very hard for you to keep food down (jello, ice cream) and therefore your pain medicine. We were finally able to give you some at about 7:00 last night. You have had about 5 bites of food today then some pain medicine and I gave you a suppository - you didn't like either of those! - and now you're asleep on the couch. I hadn't wanted it to be this hard for you. I called the prayer chain at church so a lot of people are praying for you. I hope the worst is over and you'll get better soon.

I wrote this a couple weeks later -

P.S. You did get better. It took about 11 days but you then began to perk up and eat more. It was a very hard time for you.

This was before she went in to surgery;
we were waiting for the medicine to take affect.
Beth was 14.


Nan said...

What a treasure, those journals. You were and are such a good mom! Blessings!

JC said...

The recovery sounded rough! And I agree with the above comment...What a treasure your journals are :)