Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sharaya's at work and Allie is taking a nap so I thought it would be a good time to update the blog.

A few months ago I had Beth into the doctor for a physical. The doctor did a quick hearing test and it wasn't good. At first she (the nurse) did Beth's left ear. "Raise your hand every time you hear a sound." After a few seconds Beth started raising her hand.

Then the right ear. We sat there for a full minute when the nurse asked, "You really don't hear any of that?" I made an appointment for a hearing test. The doctor wants to see Beth again first to make sure it's not just a wax buildup. That appointment is next week.

Do any of you watch the show Switched at Birth? It's about two families that had their babies on the same day but the hospital sent them home with the other families child. Now, 17 years later the mistake is revealed and the two families are trying to cope with it all. One child, however developed a fever as a 3 year old and is deaf.

Sharaya and Diana both took American Sign Language in school and Diana even hung around the 'deafies' (as she calls them) for a while. Switched has a lot of deaf culture in it and has even referred to them as 'deafies'. We love how the show is made because when two or more people who are deaf are having a conversation, all sound stops. You don't hear the cars or the other people. They try to put you in their world, so to speak.

All of that to say, one of the main actors is deaf, but she does talk. And her speech.... reminds me a lot of Beth's speech. Sort of nasaly and doesn't pronounce every letter. (No disrespect intended, just trying my best to describe it.) Anyway, with watching Switched every week and hearing the nurses concern about Beth's hearing, I'm a little anxious to get this test done!


Unknown said...

I hope everything turns out ok. I will pray.

JC said...

Hope everything turns out ok!

Alex's Mom said...

Yikes....hope it all works out!