Monday, August 22, 2011

A Rare Night at the Mall

Beth and I went to the mall the other night. I parked by a store that's in the middle of the mall, something I rarely do. (I always park at one end of the mall, the same end every time. There's a parking garage, plus at the end of the shopping spree, I don't have to wonder where I parked!) We went in and walked 1/2 the mall, to Payless Shoe Store and each bought some shoes! She got some black tennis shoes with thick soles and solid sides to them. Beth has flat feet and always needs to wear good, solid shoes that support her feet and ankles. I bought brown flats that are the exact same color as a new pair of pants. I love it when that happens!

She then wanted a CD so we walked the entire length of the mall to FYE. She found a CD that she doesn't have yet (another rare thing - a CD that she doesn't own!) and we started the walk back. Of course we stopped at Auntie Annes for a small root beer. She bought her own and when she ordered, she looked right at the cashier and boldy gave him her order! I was very impressed.

We made a pit stop at the Disney Store. She didn't find anything she wanted. Another rare thing! :)

Finally headed out to the car. Her back hurt from all that walking she but did great! We had a fun night.

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sheree said...

Sounds like a fun day! I want to know what CD Beth purchased?! I love that you both got to spend some fun girl time together :)