Saturday, November 10, 2012

She Hugged A Pastor!

Chuck, Diana and I had a Children's Ministry meeting last night. While that was going on, Beth had a Hospitality party. Everyone in the church who is an usher, greeter, parking lot attendant, etc. got together and hung out. They're so busy on Sunday mornings that they don't really get to spend time with one another so the Pastor who heads up the Hospitality team - Pastor K - had a party.

I was a little nervous about Beth going because I knew she would only go for the food. She's too shy to talk to anyone and all she would do is eat. I talked to her about it a few days ahead of time and explained who would be there and what would happen.  I encouraged her to talk to people, to ask them how they're week was, ask them what they'll be doing this weekend. I really tried to do as much prep work as I could.

Our meeting started before hers so Chuck was willing to leave our meeting early, he went home and got her (we live about 4 minutes from church) and came back to our meeting. I admit I was a little nervous about how she would do.

Well, when we went to pick her up she jumped up from her seat to show us her 'gift'. Everyone got to choose between a candle and some chocolate. She chose a cute glass container with a few pieces of chocolate in it. Then she said, "They have a chocolate fountain!"

As we got ready to leave, she turned around to everyone, waved and said (loudly for everyone to hear!) "Goodbye!"

I was shocked.

I suggested she go over to the host and thank her personally and M said she loved having Beth come. Beth smiled, looked at her and said thanks. Then they talked about the chocolate fountain, M said Beth had asked her for help... again, I was shocked.

As we turn to go, she giggled, waved and said, "Bye Pastor K!"

Wha...??  Beth?? Talking to a pastor without any prompting?!?

He was talking to someone else and didn't hear her so I told her she might want to say it again. When she did, he came over and gave her a big hug. "Thanks for coming, Beth!" She hugged him and smiled so big!

As we left she was smiling, her head was up; she was a different girl walking out of that church. It was awesome!


Nan said...

Now that's church! Patience, right? You've got a girl in transformation I think ... butterflies! All her recent talking, and now this! What kind of grace is that???!!!

Jennifer Scott said...

Fabulous! I'm so excited for her (and you) that she's feeling so much more comfortable.

Caz said...

Big congratulations to Beth, that's fantastic. I can really relate to her shyness from my younger days, and it's wonderful to hear that she's starting to break through that.

JC said...

Awesome :)

Unknown said...

and then there are days like this...when we all forget about the cookie episode. way to go Beth!