Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wow. I'm humbled and overwhelmed at your comments on my last post. I truly thought I was 'preaching to the choir' all these years. Thank you all for reading! I feel so loved! :)

Beth and I went shopping today. The first of every month she gets SSI (supplemental income) from the state. It's deposited directly into her account but it immediately begins to burn a hole in her pocket! On Tuesday she reminded me to flip my calendar. Then she asked if we could go shopping. We've been busy all week so I told her we'd go today. When I asked her where she wanted to go she said, "Bartells, Fred Meyer and Target."

So I asked her what she planned to buy and she said her CD player wasn't working. She has an ipod but prefers her CD player. So we started at Freddy's and she found one right away. We then went to Bartells for batteries.

They had batteries at Fred Meyer but she knows right where they are at Bartells. She likes routine, consistency and things that are familiar. It's hard for her to buy new shoes or new clothes for that very reason.

I fixed everyone some hot tea a little while ago and when I brought hers downstairs, she looked up at me and pointed to her new CD player, "It's working!" Ahhh, things are right in her world again. :)

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Unknown said...

"Just say hi" Perfect!! I tell Alex that she gets to buy the groceries the first of each month with her SSI. Works out great :)