Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maybe I should tell you why

Maybe I should tell you why 10/10/10 is so important to me.

When I was pregnant with Beth, I believe the Lord kept putting the number 10 on my heart. All of the sudden, I would be thinking about the 10th. I would go to the calendar... blank. "Chuck! Is there anything happening on the 10th?!" No, not that he knew of.

A few weeks would go by and I would be thinking about the number 10 again. I'd ask my mom and sisters if they had anything planned for the 10th. Nope. Nothing.

When we went to the doctor to find out our due date, he told us September 9th. Awe, September 9th! Then I gasped! Our baby is gonna to be born on September 10th! I just know it! That's what the Lord has been trying to tell me! Woo hoo!

Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I woke up on September 11, still pregnant. The doctor later changed the due date to September 23rd.

So when Beth was born on the 10th day of the 10th month at exactly 10:00 PM, I knew the Lord had given me an Ebenezer Stone. A moment in time when I could go back and remember that He was with me. As He was knitting Beth in my womb, He gave me a tiny hint of what was happening. Reminded me that He was walking with us. He knew.... and it would be okay.

So 10/10/10 is bringing with it a time of reflection. And I'm remembering all the moments God has been with us. And I'm counting down to this amazing moment in time!!!



'Lena Ehlert said...

What a precious reminder of God's grace and His sovereignty!

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful post. God works so wonderfuly!