Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lesson.... Learned!

Both girls slept in this morning. It's Sunday and we usually leave for church between 8:00 and 8:30. This morning, neither Beth or Diana were awake so we left them a note and Chuck and I headed to church. Remember my post about not waking Beth up anymore? This morning was the first time she didn't get up on time. So we did what I've been threatening to do. We left her. And Diana. Just walked out.

All morning I was thinking of them. Trying to imagine them waking up in a panic, Diana hollaring at Beth to hurry up, then grabbing the keys and they get into her car to drive to church. I wondered what it was like when they first realized we were gone, would they be shocked? Would Beth be upset?

I tried to focus on the service, on the praise and worship, but I kept thinkin' about the girls. Would they be mad? Will they sleep all morning and not wake up until after we got home? Praise and worship! Praise and worship! How is their morning going? I know I have to let go and allow them to learn this lesson, but it's hard!

First service ends and we go downstairs to prepare for our Sunday school class. There's Beth! A smile on her face and an Italian Soda in her hand!

"Hi Mom. I walked. Diana is still asleep. I got my Italian Soda."

Wow. Really? You walked? (We live about a mile from church.) Wow Beth. Excellent. Okay then.

Get home to find Diana has gone out with friends. Everything is fine.

Our adult children found themselves in a situation and they acted like.... adults.

Alrighty then.

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