Thursday, October 21, 2010

He Didn't Have a Clue

I was just reading over at The Bates Motel about Ds myths. I have also been thinking about this very subject. And it's about hair too! Go figure! :)

When Beth was born we asked as many questions as we could think of. We wanted to know everything, 'Would she walk? Talk?' And especially, 'What would Beth look like when she grew up?' We didn't remember seeing many adults with Down Syndrome. As a baby, she looked like a baby, but what would she look like when she got older?

This is what my hair looked like when I got pregnant with Beth.

So, naturally (at least we thought so) we asked about Beth's hair. Would it be curly? Straight? And you know what the doctor told us? It still makes me laugh.... he said it would never be long. My hair was exceptionally long and kids with Ds don't have long hair. I remember feeling a tiny bit disappointed, but we didn't really dwell on it.

This is what Beth's hair looked like when she was 7. Definitely long. She loved wearing it long!

Her hair has always been straight. Like some of the comments on The Bates Motel, we can curl it and braid it, but within just a couple of hours, it's back to it's straight, silky self.

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Becca said...

"It'll never be long." LOL!! That's so funny! Samantha's hair is nearly 2' long already, and she's only 4. :-) But the funny thing is that when Samantha was born and I got her diagnosis, I could only think of the classic institutional bowl cut that I'd seen in photos of kids with Ds. I wondered (in my haze) if that's what she was destined to have, wondered if their hair just grew that way. hahaha Maybe that's why I have never cut it. It's my way of going against my fleeting preconceived notion.