Monday, October 18, 2010

Crisis Averted!

Beth just came running into the office... straight from the shower. :)

"Mom! You dinin't get my bullets!" She always grabs the extra church bulletins after service to write on during the week. But we weren't in service yesterday, not at our church anyway.

In the Protestant tradition, we dedicate our children, rather than baptizing them. (Then when they are old enough to ask Christ into their heart, they make a personal decision to be water baptized.) So yesterday, Allison Lucy was dedicated to the Lord. Ryan and Sharaya stood before the congregation and pledged to raise Allison in the love of the Lord, seeking Him in all decisions. Beth wasn't looking forward to Allisons, until I showed her pictures of her own dedication and then she got excited! (I don't have those pictures tonight. You have to remember, I'm so old my pictures are all in albums and boxes. I have to find them, then scan them, then edit them, then post them. I'm exhausted just thinkin' about it!)

So Beth came running out, remembering that she didn't get her bulletins yesterday! She has so many routines and rituals that send her into a panic if they aren't followed. But I was able to calm her down because I picked up her bulletins today.

Whew!! Another crisis averted! :)

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Cheryl said...

Your grandaughter is precious!
Glad you were able to get Beth's "Bullets" :-)

I love the verse that you have on your sidebar.