Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Has to End Today

Beth missed her bus again today.

Her alarm went off, she got out of bed, turned it off and went back to sleep. I went down to her room at 9:15 and she was still asleep. I took off her covers and turned on the light. Told her she had to get up or she'd miss her bus. Went down again at 9:30... still asleep. This time I shook her and reminded her just how much she loves karaoke and art and how she'd miss seeing all her friends. She had to get up now!

At 9:45 her bus was due to arrive and she was still asleep. So, I called DART and told them not to come. I went back down and turned off her light. She sat straight up, threw the covers off and started getting dressed. I told her it was too late, she had missed her bus so she could just go back to sleep.

Five minutes later she was upstairs, completely ready to go. I told her again that it was too late. Sorry Beth, but there's nothing I could do!

This is my life. Day after day. Week after week, I go downstairs and try to get Beth out of bed. For work, for church. And to be honest I'm tired of doing it.

So this afternoon we had a talk. I explained that she is an adult now. She kind of has her own apartment. She goes to work. She gets a paycheck and has her own debt card. She does a lot of things that adults do. But she still won't get out of bed in the morning. I told her that she has an alarm clock, just like other adults. MY mom doesn't come wake me up in the morning. I don't go to Sharaya's house and wake her up. Because we are adults. Now our alarms wake us up.

I told her that today was the last day I was going to wake her up. Starting tomorrow, if she doesn't wake up when her alarm tells her to wake up, then she will miss her bus. And if she misses her bus, she doesn't go to work. And she doesn't get paid. And she doesn't get to go shopping.

She's an adult now and this is the way it is for adults.


Kristin said...

Sometimes being an adult is no fun ;)

motherofangels said...

Good luck, I hope she catches on. I hate getting up too!

Lindsay said...

I agree, getting up is hard. She will probably have more days that she doesn't get up but way to go Cindy! Be strong! You can do it.

Carrie said...

Hard lesson to learn, but all people have to learn this one! I still remember the day my parents stopped waking me up...pardon the pun, but it was a rude-awakening! :) Way to go in helping her become more independent!