Thursday, June 10, 2021

Grandparents, It Hit Me Like a Wave, and a Purposeful Re-creation?

We were texting Diana the other day about wedding plans and she said something about riding with Peter's grandparents and right there in the middle of our office area, I began to cry. The grief came over me like a giant wave as I realized - again - that my girls no longer have grandparents.

My dad died in 2019 and Chuck's mom, the last of their grandparents, just died in February. 

It hit me hard and I let the tears flow.

I've had this picture hanging in the living room for many years. It's one of those iconic photos that are a part of your family. It's my dad at around 3 years old, sitting on the hood of their car.

I've seen this next picture a hundred times but never really thought about it. A few months ago I came across it again and it hit me! Was my dad purposefully re-creating his photo? This is me around 2 years old, sitting on the hood of our car.

All these years and I never made the connection!

I've re-created photos:

Me and my sisters

Our girls

Sharaya getting ready to ride on my dads motorcycle

Allison standing next to my dads motorcycle

And my girls have re-created photos - many photos! Here's one:

But to think my dad did it way back in the early 1960's, just makes me miss him even more.

Do you have a family photo that means a lot to you?

Have you ever re-created a picture?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love this! What special photos and happy memories! I don't recall ever deliberately re-creating photos like that, but I love that your father did it and you carried it on with your kids. That is very special indeed. Yes, I have many family photos that mean a lot...I wish I could keep them all out before me all the time, but that would be impossible. But it is fun to rediscover them from time to time and remember when. Thank you for sharing these memories with us. Love them all.

Leslie said...

Such precious photos and memories. I don't think I've ever recreated a photo but now I want to try.

betty said...

That is cool how photos have been recreated by your family over the years. I think my DIL did one of my son and grandson sleeping next to each other when the baby was young and then a few years later but that's about it :)

It is hard when our parents pass and they can't get to know our children. I was fortunate with my children that my mom got to meet them and spend time with them but passed when they were in their teens. Hubby's parents had a few more years with them but by the kids mid 20s all grandparents were sadly gone. I only knew my mom's mom. Everyone had already passed and since my grandma only spoke Polish and we didn't and we moved when I was 7 years old across the country, I really didn't have a relationship with her.


ellen b. said...

It is fun to recreate photos like this. Sweet one of your dad and of you on the car. It's always a surprise when the tears are triggered and flow.

Jeanie said...

These are wonderful photos and filled with so many memories. I'm sorry they have passed. It doesn't matter how near or far past it is -- things pop out and get you sometimes.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So much beauty/love in this post along with the sadness of grandparents who are missing. I love the recreations and no I have never done one.