Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You Are Cordially Invited...

Beth got an invitation the other day from the elementary school where she volunteers. It was for an event they were having to say thank you to all their volunteers

She goes there every Thursday and the first thing she does is go out to their mailbox and get the mail. Then she brings it into the front office, sorts it and puts it in all the teachers mail slots. Then she does what ever is needed in the office.

She files papers, sharpens pencils, makes copies on the copy machine and even helped out this year with their art show! She's been volunteering there now for 3-4 years and she loves it!

So today Chuck and I picked her up from All Aboard and as I walked in, guess who called my name and came running from across the room?! Nick is so personable and friendly! He talked to me the whole time we waited for Beth to get her things together. Told everyone that I was going to be his mother-in-law. :)

We got to the school and found some seats in the gym. They look fairly normal in this picture but the seats were no wider than my cell phone! The teeniest little seats I've ever seen! 

There was cake and cookies and punch. They had a raffle for all the balloons, plus the flower arrangements. And guess who won some flowers?

Some of the teachers told us how much they enjoy having Beth there and that she's such a huge help to them. The Principal came over and sat down with us for a while. She told us how much they love Beth and how she wants to find more work for her to do next year. Beth was beaming the whole time and said she really likes it there.

Outside the students had drawn hearts and written thank yous to the volunteers.

I'm so thankful the Principal is pushing for inclusion with Beth. She'll talk things over with her and then let Beth's job coach know what they decided rather than always going through the job coach; she engages Beth in activities around the school; she treats her like a person and not a diagnosis. I absolutely love this Principal! The students at this school are blessed to have her!


bj said...

awww, what a sweet thing to do for the helpers...and so good to hear the principal is taking an interest in Beth. Beth looks so cute, holding her flowers, standing in the middle of all the hearts and circles...tell her that her bright pink shoelaces look soooo cool...:)

Adelaide Dupont said...

So good that Beth will have more work and more responsible work at the school.

She really has built up a lot of goodwill and a network.

Shows you the power of a Principal and the common leadership.

"If you stand in this circle - you're welcome".

Kristin said...

Love this!!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful event. Beth looks so lovely with her flowers. She is a joy! I love schools and principals that get it.