Thursday, June 30, 2016

They're OURS!

Beth and I just got back from helping at VBA. Well, we helped with the clean up part anyway. The Children's department decided to remove all the offering envelopes and pens and note pads from the Sanctuary so the kids wouldn't write on them and VBA ended today so Beth and I put everything back. It's hard work but she did great! I'm so glad she was there to help me!

There are holders on the back of each seat and we filled the entire main floor.
The Children's department will do the balcony tomorrow. 

Chuck and I are in the process of refinancing our house so we're preparing for the inspection next week. It actually happened kind of suddenly, we went to the bank for something totally unrelated but then they showed us how much we could save each month and oh my goodness! The housing market has skyrocketed and our house is worth so much more than it was just a couple years ago. So, we've been scrambling to get a few minor things done around the house this week.

I was telling Beth the other day how my sister is coming for the entire month of July! We might go out on the ferry, go out to dinner, maybe to Pikes Market. It'll be fun to have her here for a while. I've been fixing up Diana's old room with just a few things, I added a small mirror, a clock, I put a rocking chair in there. My sister just needs some peace and quiet so I'm trying to create a space where she can just sit and breathe if she needs to.

Then I told Beth that Diana will be here the middle of July! She's flying out for a few days to be in a friend's wedding and to spend a little time with family! Beth squealed and got so excited! We're already planning to meet her at the airport and then we're all going to go out to dinner. Only 11 more days, can't wait!!!!

That's when Beth said, "OUR sisters are coming!!" 


Billie Jo said...

Happy times!
Enjoy, my friend!

Caz said...

So lovely that you both get a sister in July. And brilliant that you get to see Diana too. Have a wonderful time - I hope you get some space to write about it here.

jody lynn said...

omg, that's a funny story....Beth cracks me up.

Unknown said...

What a fun summer you will have! I just saw that Diana lives in Philadelphia. I wonder if she is close to me in my Philadelphia suburb : ). Have fun with your visitors!

Adelaide Dupont said...

A very sisterly July!