Monday, June 6, 2016

"Wow Beth! Great Vibrato!"

The temps in Seattle the last few days have been in the 80's and 90's which aren't too bad, but most of us don't have air conditioners. It was 80 degrees in our house last night when I crawled into bed! Today I caught Beth cooling off. I wish I could have caught her voice, as she was singing at the top of her lungs into the fan! :)


My Rhododendrons were in full bloom this year! I love flowers. I'm not one to grow veggies, I don't know why. I've just never been a big fan of growing veggies. Probably because I love photographing flowers for my greeting cards . :)  Iris and azaleas and hydrangeas and sunflowers, especially sunflowers!! I dug out a different area of the garden this year and planted them about a week ago and they've already broken through the ground! I'm getting Allie excited about them too. Whenever she comes over we go outside to check on them! 

What's your favorite flower? 



bj said...

what beautiful flowers...and the most beautiful is Beth.

Billie Jo said...

I love Lilacs.
My mom had a beautiful Lilac bush in our yard, and every time I smell them, I am a kid again. : )

Caz said...

Is that pink and cream one some type of chrysanthemum? beautiful! The less exotic bronze and gold chrysanthemums always remind me of when my girl was born and our flat was full of them.

Unknown said...

Lovely! I don't have much of a green thumb so I keep my landscaping to green shrubs that I can't kill. I love to get a couple of baskets of flowers and I have some right now that I've kept alive for over a month, which is a record for me. I love lilacs and gerber daisies.

Kristin said...


Unknown said...

My favorite is a simple daisy. : ) I can't believe you don't have air conditioners! I would die! My husband gets mad because I like our house to be chilly.